WESSA Tourism Green Coast Summary Report 2018-2020

The project has targeted 21 sensitive coastal sites along the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa that are currently being utilized for low impact tourism and which include local community members into the tourism operations in the region. The Wild Coast is rich in biodiversity, cultural heritage and low impact tourism potential, making it a prime location for Green Coast. The Wild Coast faces ever increasing challenges that threaten the environ- mental and social integrity of this extraordinary region of South Africa. The model aims to address several critical social, economic and environ- mental challenges impacting on the country’s ability to achieve its sustainable development goals. These include increasing youth unemploy- ment, marginalisation and disempowerment of rural youth, and unsustainable development and resource utilisation. SUPPORTING SUSTAINABLE DESTINATION DEVELOPMENT ALONG THE WILD COAST” “TOURISM GREEN COAST IS TRAINING FOR JOBS & SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WHILE


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