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“The FBI National Academy Associates’ Youth Leadership Program was more than just a week-long experience, it was life changing. The life skills that I was exposed to while at the Youth Leadership Program were extremely beneficial to my future success. The friendships that we created during the FBI Youth Leadership Program will surely last a lifetime. I highly recom- mend the FBINAA Youth Leadership Program to any young person who wants to participate in a unique and exceptional experience. I feel privileged and blessed to have experienced this incredible opportunity.” – Carissa L. Cahill, YLP Session #10

T he FBI National Academy Associates supports the young leaders of tomorrow through the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) . YLP is designed to offer life- long enrichment opportunities in support of exceptional young leader’s drive for knowledge and their desire to make a difference in the world. The vision of YLP is to develop an influential community of socially conscious and service-minded leaders, connected through associa- tion who positively shape the world. The Youth Leadership Program is made possible and hosted by the FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. This program focuses on 8 days of intensive instruction for 60 participants (ages 14-16). The program is run by a cadre of law enforcement training instructors. To attend YLP, students must have demonstrated high academic standards and good citizenship to be nominated for this program. Extensive coursework and classroom instruction focus on issues faced by the youth of today and provides tools that can enhance their indi- vidual core talents. Each year, students represent over 40 U.S. states and 4 international countries. The class is usu- ally split 50% male/female ratio, representing a diverse student population. The Youth Leadership Program is of- fered to the students at no charge. This year’s YLP, led by John Foster (220th Session), and a team of six coun- selors took place June 13-20, 2015. 59 students attended the 17th Session of the Youth Leadership Program.


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