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REMEMBERING EARLE CONNER – One of the Original Four National Secretary/Treasurers

LOREN LANDOW – Strength and Conditioning Coach for NFL, NHL, MLB and UFC Fighters • Trust the Process -Deliver a consistent message, pick battles, and be patient - He also mentioned that being a parent has made him a better coach • Slow Cook the warm-up to – Activate don’t Annihilate - Our movement preparation of 5-10 minutes must be optimized before the meat and potatoes of our training • When we lose neutral spine in any drill, we must rest - A common theme throughout the conference with respects to the low back - When we deviate from any protocol is when we get hurt, the micro trauma will eventually lead to the macro trauma • Attack and Relax with any running drill - There must be 1 day of easy running and 1 day of a sprinter’s mentality Earle was active in the following organizations associated with the city of Sugar Creek: Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, past President of the Missouri Police Chiefs Association, past President of the Metropolitan Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Association, Past Chairman for the Board of Directors – Jackson County Drug Task Force. He was also President, Vice President, Secretary/ Treasurer of the Kansas-Western Missouri chapter of the F.B.I. National Academy Associates and served for many years as the National Secretary Trea- Staying on the Yellow Brick Road continued from page 20 L eslie Earle Conner , 78, Sugar Creek Mo., passed away peacefully at his home July 28, 2015. Earle was born Dec. 18, 1936, in Independence, KS. His wife and best friend, Marjorie , of 53 years pre- ceded him in death as well as three sisters and two brothers. He leaves behind his loving son Brian Conner (Buck) his loving wife Brenda (Ms. B) and his loving granddaughter Blake (Mookie) of Lee’s Summit, MO. Visitation was at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Independence, MO on August 1, 2015. He was laid to rest at Mt. Grove Cemetery. Earle, the son of Daniel and Lucile Conner, dedicated his life to his family, his country, state and the community of Sugar Creek, MO. He attended Independence High School in Independence KS. and was a graduate of Central Missouri State University (now UCM) with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration. He served in the United States Naval Reserve for 8 years. He also worked as a paper salesman for Butler Paper Co. from 1956-1967. He started working for the City of Sugar Creek in 1955 at the newly opened swimming pool as a life guard and joined the police department in 1962 as a reserve police offi- cer and municipal court clerk. Earle became a full-time officer in 1967. He was elected Chief in 1969 along with fire chief duties in 1988, 31 years as police chief and 12 years as fire chief. Earle Graduated from the F.B.I. National Academy’s 118th session in 1979. He also played a major role in the formation of the Metro Squad and later the Jackson County Drug Task Force during his 31 years of service.

It will always feel good to come home. There is simply no better feeling in life than coming home to see my wife and three boys. This 4 day business trip represented the longest I have been away from my family in the last 6 years. It brought tremendous perspective for me with the National Academy schedule for our students. Being away from the people who we cherish the most is a stressor. I have to admit that Apple’s Face Time brought joy and comfort to end each day. It shows how re- silient our students are being gone for 10 weeks. I’m so thankful that I have a passion that doesn’t require time away from my family. Make no mistake; I enjoyed the learning opportunity and the peace of the hotel. However, my new normal of sleep deprivation, lots of crying, continu- ously attempting to multitask, and dishing time-outs is where I want to be. I will not be unsuccessful at being the best husband and father that I can be. This is my priority and work will always be a paid vacation. About the Author: E.J. O’Malley is a Health and Fitness Instructor at the FBI Academy, Physical Training Unit. He earned his B.S. from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and M.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. He holds certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. surer of the F.B.I. National Academy Associates. Earle was named the Police Officer of the Year in 1981 by the Kansas City Metropolitan Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Association and also received the Clarence M. Kelly Meritorious Service Award from the F.B.I. National Academy Associates in 2002. He also received the Citizen of the year award in 2004 from the Truman Heartland Community Foundation. After retiring in 2002 Earle purchased Binger Shaw Auctioneers and began a new career of “Slinging Bids”. Earle loved a good auc- tion. Earle’s hobbies included fishing at Bennett Springs, bass fishing at Pomme de Terre and El Salto in Mexico. He loved spending time with his family and a good softball game. Earle loved his association with the Missouri Peace Officers Association.


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