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Highlights from the 17th Session of the YLP continued from page 11

Historian’s Spotlight continued from page 19 as Chairperson of the Youth Leadership Program Selection Committee from 2002 until his retirement in 2014. Now that he has retired, Bob and his wife Joanne look forward to trav- eling a bit, spending time with family and friends and building a new house in North Carolina. This will allow him to spend more time with his old NA classmate, Ted Lambert. Chief Robert “Bob” Oches is another example of the successful men and women of law enforcement who have attended the FBI National Acad- emy and moved up in their profession due to the NA experience. If you know of another successful NA grad in your area please contact me at Terrylucasfbinaa@gmail.gov . Since its inception in 1997, over 800 young leaders have partici- pated in the Youth Leadership Program. After the eight day program, students should have a heightened sense of leadership, leadership skills, self-confidence and capacity to challenge critical thinking of contempo- rary law enforcement and social issues facing the young people of today. Participants are expected to share the knowledge gained with their peers following the completion of the program. symbolically as well. I left behind the shy kid who worried about doing new things. I was an independent young adult, with more confidence and courage than I ever anticipated.” – Taylor Brown, YLP Session #14 Students also have a day of experience visiting Washington, DC , including Arlington National Cemetery and memorials , plus a private tour of the United States Capitol . In the end my YLP experience was a success in many ways. I was selected, attended, and graduated with my class, but I graduated

Stay safe out there my NA brothers and sisters.


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