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Police Chief Debby Brewer of Portsmouth, Ohio, at right, interacts with some of her team. As soon as she became interim chief, Chief Brewer got her department on FirstNet.

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About the Author: Dr. Anna Fitch Courie, Director of Re- sponder Wellness, FirstNet Program at AT&T, is a nurse, Army wife, former university faculty, and author. Anna holds a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Clemson University; a Master’s in Nursing Education from the University of Wyoming; and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Ohio State University. She is a passionate Clemson football fan; loves to read, cook, walk, hike; and prior to COVID19, was an avid traveler.

illness – especially if you’re not taking time for self-care. As you age, things like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and stroke became real threats. Getting regular checkups with a profes- sional lets you keep an eye out for these risk factors so you can continue to age with grace and verve. Don’t put these habits off until you retire or “have more time.” These habits are central to your personal health and the health of your organization. So, this is your opportunity to shift a trend where hard-charging, dedicated leaders work hard, give their all and then die of a heart attack. Let’s change that. I challenge you to work on these habits as a part of your 2021 plan. You’ll see a personal benefit – and your organization will as well. I want to help you improve your own health. So, that one day you can enjoy and thrive in a retirement you richly deserve.

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