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Ken Truver

A s we close out 2021 and embark on 2022, this is an appropriate time to reflect on our accomplishments, and to express gratitude to those responsible for our continued success as an organization. To the FBINAA members who support the National Board, the National Office, and their own Chapter Leadership, we are grateful for your confidence in us, and for allowing us the privilege to serve you. Thank you also to the FBINAA Chapter and National Office Leadership and Staff. Your service and loyalty to your peers, and to the law enforcement profession, are sincerely appreciated. We owe recognition to the FBINAA Charitable Foundation Board and Staff for taking care of our members in need, and for your generosity and goodwill. In 2021, we resumed in-person attendance at a National Conference in Orlando. Thank you to the Florida Chapter and the Eventive Group. At that conference, we pledged to focus on addi - tional training opportunities, as well as the efficient governance of our beloved Association. To that end, the National Office and involved members continue to collaborate on new and expanded initiatives and programs, to include promoting the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement Project (ABLE) and standing up a new Leader- ship Certification Program . Our membership voted to approve our revised Constitution in December, and appropriate committees and staff continue to review other guiding documents and policies. Our partnership with the FBI is stronger than ever and we are so happy to be back in Quantico. Thank you to the Bureau Leadership and the National Academy Training Unit. I was thrilled to represent the association at the graduation of Session 280 on Dec. 16, 2021. We welcome Session 280 as peers, col - leagues, and fellow graduates. We implore them to stay active in this, the world’s strongest law enforcement leadership network. It is unfortunate, but we can’t discuss 2021 without mentioning COVID-19. Besides the inconvenience of reschedul- ing meetings and programs, and resigning ourselves to virtual conversations, COVID-19 continues to be the predominant killer of police officers. Our thoughts and prayers are with families, friends and agencies affected by this scourge. Like any new year, 2022 brings thoughts of renewal, fresh starts, and new beginnings. We pray for the good health and safety of our members and law enforcement officers across the globe. Dear FBINAA Associates and Friends,

We look forward to inviting new members into the Associa - tion as they attend Sessions 281, 282, 283 and 284. Your Chapter Officers will meet in Quantico for a Leadership Summit in March 2022 and plans are well underway for the 2022 Annual Confer - ence. The Ohio Chapter promises to deliver on a terrific training and networking event in Cleveland! In closing, we know that our members are passionate about this Association. We have discussed our compassion and empa - thy for each other and many forms of outreach. President Teddy Roosevelt said, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” You should all be proud of your ability to show that you care. On behalf of the FBINAA National Board and National Office Staff, best wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe New Year.

Kenneth M. Truver FBINAA President Chief of Police, Borough of Castle Shannon (PA) FBINA 225

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