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MAKING THE WORKFLOW...WORK The first step in changing the workflow to meet the de - mands of law enforcement today is to come up with an overarch - ing system that addresses the concerns of every member of the investigative team. To that end, agency managers should aim for a system that efficiently and practically interacts with the data at every stage of the investigation. For example, step one would ensure that the data is secured. Step two would prioritize the data. Step three would forward data to the appropriate analysts, and so on. Having the right digital platform for data processing and handling can help law enforcement agencies immensely. When evaluating platforms, agency managers should look for com- plete, end-to-end solutions that: • Make it easy for teammembers to use and share data across departments. • Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure • Can be used in multiple environments, whether on-site, in the Cloud, or in a combination of both • Meet ethical standards for privacy, accountability, and legality • Allow for the rapid collection and review of almost any type of digital evidence • Protect, secure, archive, and share data among team members easily • Provide prosecutors with evidence that is court trusted, court ready, and court admissible

TURN YOUR INVESTIGATIVE CULTURE INTO AN ASSET With a modernized workflow and the correct digital plat - form in place, it's time to move on to the second step for trans- forming law enforcement agencies, namely: changing the overall investigative culture to empower investigators and analysts to tackle high-tech crimes more efficiently and effectively. While the previous step focused on technology, this step is about the people. As strong as the technology may be, it will do agencies little good without the right human support. To facilitate that goal, keep these things in mind: • Build and foster an atmosphere of continuous, on-going training for your people. Come up with ways to help your teammembers hone their skills and improve their proficiency. Investing in their self-improvement sends a powerful message and will likely instill deep loyalty to your organization. • Make learning about new technologies a priority. New, more sophisticated and powerful apps will be irresistible for criminals if it can help them stay undetected. Law enforcement agencies need to be just as savvy and knowledgeable. • Recognizing the hard work, dedication, and success of employees—whether individually or as teammembers— builds camaraderie and strengthens overall employee satisfaction that can lead to higher retention rates of qualified employees.

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