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or issuing a ticket in the field, for example, connectivity helps officers prepare and submit documentation, such as photos and videos, to expedite the filing process. As a result, officers do not need to return to the station during their shift to file reports or complete other labor-intensive, follow-up paperwork after an in - cident. Real-time connectivity promotes speed and accuracy, and equipping officers with the right technology to complete filing or documentation tasks means more time spent in the communities they serve and faster response times. 2.TECHNICAL FEATURES AND DEVICE SPECIFICATIONS THAT ARE READY FOR ANY MOMENT Technology evolves rapidly. Every few years (and, in many cases, more frequently with the recent acceleration of digital transformation), agencies re-evaluate their technology needs. These investments are not small. But, these investments are criti- cal to empower the workforce and realize efficiency gains. How can agencies maximize their investments – not just for the year, but, more importantly, for three to five years (and longer)? It starts with reliability and durability. Choosing a rugged device is a key step in this journey and will help agencies realize a lower total cost of ownership by avoiding the need to replace devices frequently. To withstand bumps, drops and other wear- and-tear, a device should meet military-grade specifications for ruggedness. This ensures that the device is designed with durabil -

ity in mind so the officer can focus on the job at hand rather than the device that was just dropped onto concrete. A device that is dust-, water- and extreme weather-resistant, enables work conti - nuity regardless of the conditions. Next comes the capabilities that are purpose-built to match the needs of the officers in the field. Take speakers, for example. A device with powerful speakers is important to be able to hear in - coming alerts and commands over other noise. Equally important to officers who are in environments where loud noises and mov - ing vehicles are present are noise suppression and echo-cancel- ing microphones for clear communication. It is especially helpful for the accuracy of voice-to-text solutions, which enable officers to dictate reports into a microphone or input voice queries to search for information without needing to take their eyes off the road or incident. Additional features such as backlit keyboards, extreme screen brightness and dimming abilities, and program- mable buttons all enable an officer to perform their duties more efficiently while maintaining situational awareness. Long battery life and having the option to swap in an additional battery pack lets officers continue their shift without worrying about connect - ing to a charger or being tethered to the vehicle. The public sector is a unique field with unique job require - ments. Looking ahead, many agencies are on different digital transformation paths and many tools currently deployed either

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