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Ken Truver

I n any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” This quote from President Theodore Roosevelt is timeless. Did you know that he was once the Police Commissioner for New York City? (Of course, you did.) I think of this quote when I discuss the Active Bystander- ship for Law Enforcement Project (ABLE) . I promised to focus on training, and specifically ABLE, during my tenure as your Associa - tion President. We are making headway, but even in my own state of Pennsylvania, not at the speed with which I like things to move (which is…FAST). If you haven’t been introduced to ABLE , please visit our website at Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement Project (fbinaa.org) , which describes in detail the project and the work - flow to get involved. To be trained in ABLE , your agency must commit to its tenets and be accepted into the program. I urge our law enforce - ment colleagues to research the benefits of developing a culture of doing the right thing always, and at minimum doing some- thing to save a colleague or citizen from harm. In addition to promoting ABLE , your National Board signed an MOU with Special Olympics in late 2021, to “ Engage the FBINAA to raise awareness about Special Olympics….and build positive attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities” and to “Collaborate in planning and conducting activities that increase the number of law enforcement officials involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run and related activities.” When you see Special Olympics programs coming to your jurisdiction, please support them in any way you can, raise funds as a group, promote events, assist with messaging, etc. The Special Olympics mission is to “change attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities and to transform lives through the joy of sport, every day, everywhere.” Please get involved in these events and promote your support on your social media plat- forms. We know that law enforcement professionals don’t do a great job of advocating for ourselves with positive messaging. Don’t be afraid to let your peers and the public know about all the good things you are doing in your communities. Your National Office Team continues to build out expanded training opportunities and programming. Through our Strategic Alliance partnership with the Legal and Liability Risk Manage - ment Institute (LLMRI), our FBINAA Leadership Certification Program continues to develop and enhance our Gold Standard of education and training for law enforcement leaders across the world during these critical times. The program is a series of courses, open to all law enforcement professionals, that encompasses the latest strategies, techniques, and real-world leadership scenarios to prepare participants to better lead their respective units, shifts, or agencies into the unpredictable future of law enforcement. Dear FBINAA Members and Friends,


The National Office Team, your National Board, our Confer - ence planners, and the Ohio Chapter continue to collaborate on training and programming for the FBINAA National Annual Training Conference to be held in Cleveland, July 30 - August 2, 2022. If you haven’t registered, please consider doing so. The Ohio Chapter has spent an inordinate amount of time preparing a world-class event for delegates and guests. Your Governance Committee, National Board and National Office Team also continue the process of updating policies and other guiding FBINAA documents. We know that these are liv - ing instruments that need tending to on a continual basis. We promise to treat them with the reverence they deserve and to be transparent in our intentions and actions in this regard. During my writing of this final address as your FBINAA National President, I had the honor of attending the graduation ceremony for FBINAA Session 281. I am always grateful for the opportunity to return to Quantico. I promise you, that for me, it never gets old going back, and especially during the year of our 50th anniversary on the Marine Corps Base. We continue to be thankful to the FBI Leadership for their vision, their continued partnership, their hospitality, and for hosting us in our magnifi - cent footprint at the FBI National Academy. I enjoyed visiting with the Chapter Leadership at our annual Chapter Leadership Summit at the end of March. When you get a chance, please thank your Chapter Officers for the time and commit - ment they have made to further develop and promote the FBINAA. I am indebted to the Chapter Leaders, the National Board, Howard Cook our Executive Director, and the National Office Team for their roles in making my year as President enjoyable and productive. I thank Past President Joe Hellebrand for his years of service to the Association as he transitions off the Board, and I welcome incoming President Tim Braniff . The FBINAA will continue to be in good hands under his leadership. I want to thank Chaplain Mike Hardy for coordinating and developing the FBINAA Spiritual Leadership Network. Please read about his vision in this issue’s A Message from Our Chaplain .

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