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Was there competition among you? (Joe) "We are fortunate that we are a close family and best friends. Nonetheless, there was always competition between us brothers to promote as high as we can and to make a positive work environ- ment for our troops. We would learn from each other." (Jesse) "There was always competition among the brothers. We are all very fit and the physical challenge wasn’t an issue with us. We competed among ourselves on which one could do the most: academically, parties, sightseeing, friends and experiences." Anything else of interest? (Joe) "Other Inocencio family members who are in public service are: • Dany, my little brother, retired from Houston FD • Juanita, my big sister, captain’s administrative assistance for Harris County SO • Elena, my little sister, her husband Richard is retired from Houston PD • Devin, my son, is an officer with Houston PD • Kristy, Jesse and Brenda’s daughter, is an officer with Houston PD and her husband Ricky, is a sergeant with Houston PD (Brenda and Jesse) "The Harris County SO is the 3rd largest in the country with over 4,800 employees. Joe started his career in 1980 and we followed suit. We had been working chemical plants in Houston where the work was hard, dirty and dangerous. We took the dirty out and found our calling. We all established our own career paths and promoted through the ranks with dedication, hard work, and honor. Our department sends four commanders per year, so we go through the application process within the agency before it is submitted to the FBI vetting process. We are all very persistent in accomplishing goals and attending the FBINA was one of the must-do’s." (Joel) "One lang impression was the genuine kindness, profes- sionalism, dedication and assistance by the NA staff on site to all attendees. On behalf of the Inocencio NA graduates, we sincerely thank the team very much. "

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I t was brought to your Historian’s attention that the Inocencio’s are examples of a Texas family within the National Academy. All the members pictured to the right attended the 2019 gradua- tion of Brenda Inocencio , the most current graduate of Session 276. We were fortunate to be able to pose them in front of the History Wall and were impressed that they all brought their bricks to the graduation ceremony. Here are the graduates, their sessions, and their relationship to each other: Session 220: Joe Inocencio, Jr. , Houston Police Dept./Harris County District Attorney’s Office Session 241: Jesse Inocencio , Harris County Sheriff’s Office Session 255: Joel Inocencio , Harris County Sheriff’s Office Session 272: Lenora Inocencio , Harris County Sheriff’s Office Session 276: Brenda Inocencio , Harris County Sheriff’s Office The men in the back row are all brothers (Joe and Joel are identical twins... is that why Joel grew his hair out so people could tell them apart?) Lenora is married to Joel and Brenda is married to Jesse. In order to pull their stories together, I sent them a variety of questions. Here are the responses: Do you all live close to each other? (Joe) " We all live in the greater Houston area in Harris County." What was the advice you passed along as each person was ac- cepted into the Academy? (Joe) "Network with the other attendees and enjoy the Board- room! I told Jesse it would be the best experience of his career. It didn’t take much to convince Jesse as he likes fun. I also advised Jesse that the training is superb and to be selective in his class curriculum." (Jesse) "After Joe attended, he passed along the urging that I must attend, so I began the inquiry process once I promoted to Lt. I then bugged Joel to attend and Joel urged Lenora to attend... so I urged Brenda to attend. Since our agency required commander rank, the first thing to do was to get into the proper position to submit an application." (Lenora) "Prior to my lieutenant promotion, Joel encouraged me to apply, telling me how beneficial it would be to my growth. How true that was. The best advice I was given from Joel and my broth- ers-in-law was to network and embrace the time at the NA. The networking was critical to have brothers and sisters all over the world to call upon for the exchange of future information. My ses- sion (#272) has utilized that group email often for that purpose." The Inocencios Are a Family Within the FBINAA Family

The Inocencio family.

It still brings tears to my eyes when reminiscing. Another special experience was watching my wife Lenora attend and knowing what she was about to go through. I remember when she was contemplating whether to apply. I told her she would regret it if she missed this special experience... and the rest is history." (Lenora) "It was a total re-adjustment to return home. The NA spoils you and is so accommodating with the house cleaning and meals and so many outings that you have a real dose of reality and responsibilities when you return home. Both Joel and I had a couple of months of homesickness for the Academy. You really have to hit the reset button to get back in the swing of things. The friendships you make are everlasting. The camaraderie is like relieving the days of your original police academy. I hold the ex- perience close to my heart and will always cherish the memories. It is nice to have the NA experience as a family experience as well as it is a common ground we will always share in the Inocencio household. Hopefully one day our nephews and niece will have the opportunity to attend as well." T he National academy is getting back in business! We will resume instruction for the National Academy’s 86th year on January 4th, 2021 after an unanticipated, three-session hiatus due to the worldwide impacts of COVID-19. Despite these unprec- edented times, an exclusive accommodation has been made to resume the 280th session in the form of a custom, hybrid course to be convened in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The private, off-site conference hotel will be our exclusive venue that will allow the delivery of the NA’s world-class instruction in an environment committed to both excellence and safety. The new setting enables us to showcase the storied hall- marks of the National Academy experience: networking, physical training, and academics. We remain committed to maintain

(Jesse and Brenda) "Jesse and Ben Horner were the Section 3 pho- tographers for #241. Brenda was part of the Year Book Committee for Section 2 in #276." (Lenora) "While at the NA I taught a Zen Yoga class for First Responders. I am a certified Yoga instructor and before my retire- ment I initiated the first ever Yoga class at the Sheriff’s Academy for cadets. The NA yoga class was so much fun – I even had a few male attendees who advised they had always wanted to try it but had been intimidated outside the NA environment." (Joel) "My session (#255) was the first time the sequential numbers were intentionally placed out-of-order due to a government shut- down. That made my class more special than those of my family members. (Didn’t Joe say he would be the class clown?)" Best memory after you returned? (Joe) "Honestly, my best memory was when the last Inocencio (Brenda) disembarked for her “turn” at the FBINA, knowing the adventure she would be going through." (Brenda) "There are so many best memories it is hard to narrow down. Peace Officer Memorial week was definitely a top one. Meeting so many great police leaders throughout the world has had a lasting impact on me. Texas night of course was one up there; especially as our class went down in the history books for flying in one of the top BBQ cooking teams in Texas to treat the en- tire class and staff to some of the best BBQ they have ever eaten. The trips and Boardroom need no explanation." (Jesse) "My best memory of #241 was Peace Officer Memorial Week when our class attended and watched the ceremony. On Sunday all the children of the fallen came to the Academy and we had a fun day with them. It was emotional and heartwarming." (Joel) "The Yellow Brick Road and the lifetime friendships I have made all over the world. I am now retired and am traveling the world which will offer me the opportunity to visit NA friends worldwide. The most touching experience had to be Peace Officer Memorial Week and the visitation with children of fallen officers.


safety throughout the course which necessitates some adapta- tions that gets the most out of the student experience while appropriately managing risk against contracting Corona Virus. The 280th will be capped at 75 students to reduce the potential risk implicit in large resident groups of students. Unfortunately, for this session, no international students will

Were any of you singled out for special honors? (Joe) "I’m pretty sure Joel was class clown. "

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