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CALIFORNIA PROMOTIONS n Scott Fairfield , NA Session 250, was appointed Police Chief for the Bell Gardens Police Department. Scott was previously a Captain. n Jorge Cisneros , NA Session 220, was appointed Police Chief of the Anaheim Police Department. n Dino Lawson , NA Session 231 was promoted to Chief of Police with the Madera Police Department. n Ed Varso , NA Session 267, was promoted to Captain with the Escondido Police Department. RETIREMENTS n Brad Kaylor , NA Session 252, recently retired from the Ontario Police Department. FLORIDA PROMOTIONS n Orlando Rolon , NA Session 263, was named Chief of the Orlando Police Department. n Arnold Brown , NA Session 248 was promoted to Chief Deputy of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. n Carmine Marceno , NA Session 267 was appointed as Sheriff of Lee County. n Donna Lusczynski , NA Session 231, was appointed Chief Deputy of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. RETIREMENTS n Mike Scott , NA Session 241, retired as Sheriff of Lee County. KANSAS/WESTERN MISSOURI PROMOTIONS CHAPTER CHAT The intent of this column is to announce Promotions, Retirements and Deaths for the Chapters. Please find expanded Chapter Chat on our website www.fbinaa.org under the current Associate Magazine issue to stay up-to-date on what's happening in our 48 Chapters. Submit chapter news on the Chapter Chat Submission Form by the 1st of every even month. Please attach to the email high-resolution digital .jpg or .tif photos to: Susan Naragon | snaragon@fbinaa.org .

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Greetings FBINAA Members, Howard Cook

A s we embark on our 25th Anniversary of the FBI Na- tional Academy Associates, we have much to celebrate. I’ve been the Executive Director of this great association for almost a year and I thought it was a good time to re- flect on the the members and their great work for this organization. Today, this association has grown to be the strongest law enforce- ment leadership network in the world, representing nearly 17,000 members across the globe in all 50 states and over 170 countries.

The beginning of this organization started organically through local chapters as graduates sought to continue the fraternal network established while attending the National Academy. These local chapters have now grown to 44 chapters across the United States and four international chapters. The FBI National Academy Associates was soon created to be an in- ternational alumni association for these FBI National Academy graduates. I want to thank those that had the foresight and vision that came before me. A great framework for a non-profit 501(c)(3) was created with the vision of continuous development of the world's strongest law enforcement leadership network. In addition, it was based on core values of knowledge, courage and integrity. Also the year before I arrived, we celebrated 17,000 members; a lot for me to follow. As many great things start with humble beginnings, so did this association with a volunteer, part-time Executive Director wearing many hats. Today our national office has a profession- al team of ten full-time employees and three part-time. This team is an exciting group of professionals committed to pro- viding our members a great member experience. Our mission is to give exemplary service to each and every member of our organization. As the association evolved, so did our retail offerings. Once a small retail area in a small room, the FBINAA Store is now a full retail space and online web portal. In 2010, the FBINAA Charitable Foundation was formed to support members in crisis and with educational scholarships. I view this association as having a great responsibility to the profession and to the communities we serve. It is our obligation to hold our professionals to the highest standards for integrity, trust and decorum so that we may bridge the gap between the public and distrust. We are in an ever changing world today and it is up to our law enforcement leaders to set the table for professional- ism through training and networking to safely create a world of civility.

n Jeff Hooper, NA Session 213, became Police Chief for the Hutchinson Police Department.

RETIREMENTS n Dick Heitschmidt, NA Session 119, retired as Police Chief of the Hutchison Police Department on October 1, 2018




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