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or experience, you may have. We are always looking for direction and advice in areas of legal and financial matters, fundraising and marketing to name a few. If you have any special talents, espe- cially in the Non-Profit world and would like to share that talent to help a worthy cause please step up and let us know. For more information on how you can help the Foundation please visit our website, www.FBINAAFoundation.org and reach out to your Section Director or any member of the Board and ask them. As for giving financially, do not wait until December 31 to make that end of year donation do it now, do it over the course of a year whatever works for you but DO IT.

distance growing. I obtained a management position at Bansbach Tactical, a company that has virtually no direct business ties to law enforcement. We don’t sell anything to cops or their agencies. Our company manufactures critical equipment that mitigates injury to soldiers in vehicles, vessels, and aircraft--a noble en- deavor. Bansbach’s president, Robert Rose, has worked full-time in law enforcement previously and now serves as a reserve deputy sheriff in Florida. I first met Robert teaching twenty years ago and continued the relationship through NETWORKING, resulting in the job I have today. Robert has a heart for the law enforcement profession and the vast majority of Bansbach’s employees, about 50 people, are former, married to or are somehow related to someone in law enforcement or the military. Robert also serves on local foundations and boards that support law enforcement. As we attended the Chapter Leadership Summit in Quantico, Robert Rose asked me with great sincerity, “How can we help? Where does a company like us fit in?” When Johnnie Adams asked the Alliance Partners for input during a collaboration meeting, I posed the question, “Is there room at the table for a company like us? Can the NAA expand the reach beyond the traditional vendor- relationship to include other businesses?” While the special rela- tionship with the current Alliance Partners can never be replaced, I believe there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of companies that would gladly partner with the FBINAA in a non-vendor supportive role. And let’s face it, we are a great bunch to hang out with. We have an opportunity for the FBINAA to expand the NET- WORKING reach and not just for the non-traditional businesses who desire to support the Association. This expanded initia- tive would provide the vehicle to entice and engage many NAA members who find work in industries outside the traditional law enforcement realm and prevent them from becoming distant from the Association. It is time that we reach out to the broader busi- ness community to garner the much-needed support and member participation. Providing a seat at the table is certainly something we can’t afford to do without. About the Author: John Blackledge , Deputy Police Chief (ret.) FBINA 193rd Session. John retired as Deputy Chief at Palm Bay Police Department. He is currently the Vice President of Tactical Operations at Bansbach Tactical, and President of Blackledge Enterprises, LLC; an expert witness, consulting and training firm. check or online; please visit our website for more information. We also encourage you to promote the Foundation within your professional and personal network and help us raise the funds needed to sustain our programs. We are always looking for spon- sors to back each one of our programs, Disaster Relief, Family Assistance, and Scholarships. There are many different oppor- tunities for both individuals and corporate sponsorships, such as having a scholarship named on behalf of a donor, our Angel Campaign for sustaining members who donate at least $250 annually, our 50K Challenge where companies can receive blocks of challenge coins with both the Foundation and their logo im- printed on them. Donations can be made by single payments or over time as recurring payments. We also encourage long-term memorial donations in the form of bequests and including the Foundation in one’s will as a beneficiary. The Foundation encourages the membership to support the organization not only financially but also with any specialized skill

John Moran Treasurer FBINAA Charitable Foundation Graduate, NA Session 202 Johnmoran@FBINAAFoundation.org

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Upper Moreland Chief Murphy offers this advice to a depart- ment considering replacement of its legacy RMS: "Don't look for just the least expensive solution; look for the one that will make your department the most productive." Recently, his department participated in the evaluation of some other RMS packages be- ing considered as part of a county-wide procurement. But after evaluating the candidate systems, he says, his staff recommended "that we need to stay with our RMS." That's because, he says, "it's stable and it’s reliable." Citing the interface with the statewide crash and citations system and other enhancements, the Chief adds that, “we’re lucky to have an RMS company that is always receptive to ideas on how to improve their solutions and working with you to accommodate what you're looking for." IT ALL STARTS WITH INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP Not all intelligence comes from systems and data. The knowledge and experience of peers can be important - in solving an individual case or in making the right strategic decision for the agency. "The network connections you build through the Academy will open doors," says Castle Shannon Chief Truver , who currently serves as the 2nd Vice President of the FBINAA. With soon-to-be four command level staff as graduates of the Academy, Ocean City Police Department has made a strong com- mitment to the organization. To Chief Prettyman, the benefits of being able to "reach out and communicate with colleagues around the country are indescribable." Upper Moreland Chief Murphy attended the Academy 24 years ago. But, he says, "even today, if one of my people handling a case came and asked if I knew someone in a certain agency who could help them, I can go to the Academy website (to get con- tacts). Even if I don't know them personally, other Academy grads will bend over backwards to help you. That's the long-standing uniqueness of the organization."

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