ARIZONA PROMOTIONS n In the last edition, we neglected to recognize Dale Walters , NA Session 247, for being selected as Police Chief for Globe (AZ) at the end of 2018. Prior to taking the post, Dale was serving as an Assistant Police Chief for the Chandler (AZ) Police Department. During his 28 years in Arizona law enforcement, he also worked for the Coconino County (AZ) Sheriff’s Department. n With Dale’s departure from Chandler PD, we are also pleased to announce another FBINA graduate took his place. Bryan Cox , NA Session 260, was promoted to Assistant Chief. Congratula- tions, Bryan! n And finally, congratulations also go out to Chris Olson , NA Ses- sion 244, and Jason Larter, NA Session 233, of the Oro Valley (AZ) Police Department. Chris was recently promoted to Commander and Jason was promoted to Deputy Chief. We wish them good luck in their new assignments. PASSING n The Arizona Chapter is sad to announce the passing of retired Police Chief John L. Pickens , Arizona State University Police Department, NA Session 146, an active member of the Arizona Chapter. n Chief William Imboden , NA #258 was sworn in as the Chief of Police for the Hercules, CA, Police Department on November 8, 2018. n Lieutenant Jim Jacobs , NA Session 274, California Highway Patrol (CHP), who was recently promoted to Captain and made Commander of the CHP’s Office of Internal Affairs. n Jim Macedo , NA Session 262, of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office who was recently promoted to undersheriff. n JimWickham , NA Session 214, was elected to Mayor of the City of Mill Valley on April 1, 2019. This is the first father/son Mayorship in Mill Valley, as Jim’s father George Wickham served as Mayor for 1970 to 1972. RETIREMENTS n Dennis Vrooman , NA Session 242, retired from the Murrieta Police Dept. After a wonderful 3-day retirement, congratulations were again in order for Dennis on his appointment as Assistant Sheriff with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. KANSAS/WESTERN MISSOURI PROMOTIONS n Chief Gary George , NA Session 169, has returned to Missouri as the Interim Chief of O’Fallon PD as of December 2018. n Bruce Mellor , NA Session 126, has come out of retirement as a part-time investigator for the Kansas Commission on Peace Of- ficers’ Standards and Training (KC-CPOST) n Superintendent Herman Jones, NA Session 248, has been named as the head of the Kansas Highway Patrol by Governor Laura Kelly in April 2019. CHAPTER CHAT The intent of this column is to announce Promotions, Retirements and Deaths for the Chapters. Please find expanded Chapter Chat on our website www.fbinaa.org under the current Associate Magazine issue to stay up-to-date on what's happening in our 48 Chapters. Submit chapter news on the Chapter Chat Submission Form by the 1st of every even month. Please attach to the email high-resolution digital .jpg or .tif photos to: Susan Naragon | snaragon@fbinaa.org . CALIFORNIA PROMOTIONS

RETIREMENTS n Major Mark Taylor , NA Session 257 retired on March 14, 2019 with over 30 years of service with the Lee’s Summit, MO Police Department. n Deputy Chief Kevin Cauley, NA Session 249, retired on March 18, 2019 from the Leawood, KS Police Department after 27 years of service. n Chief Steve Menke , NA Session 225, retired on April 1, 2019 with 31 years of service with the Olathe, KS Police Department. n Chief Mike Daniels , NA Session 242, officially retired on April 1, 2019 with 32 years of service to the Merriam, KS Police Depart- ment and his community. KENTUCKY PROMOTIONS n Evan Ramsay, NA Session 264, was promoted to the rank of Police Operations Captain effective January 20, 2019. RETIREMENTS n Hollis Kevin Franklin , NA Session 225, retired as Support Services Captain on December 8, 2018 from the University of n SAC Gordon B Johnson , Maryland Delaware Chapter mem- ber, is retiring after a 23-year career with the FBI. Thank you, SAC Johnson for your commitment and dedication to the FBI National Academy and the Maryland Delaware Chapter. MICHIGAN PASSINGS n Thomas Buckley , NA Session 256, retired as Undersheriff from the St Clair County Sheriff’s Office on November 30, 2018 after more than 28 years. He accepted a position with the Michigan Gaming Control Board and began right away. NEW ENGLAND PASSINGS n Arthur H. Ryan , NA Session 158, Lowell Police Department n Chief Donald Butterworth , NA Session 223, was sworn in as the new Chief of the Orangetown Police Department on April 29, 2019. RETIREMENTS n Kevin A. Nulty , NA Session 171, retired after over 43 years of service, 22 as the Chief of the Orangetown Police on April 29, 2019. NORTHWEST RETIREMENTS n Chief Eric Gieseke , NA Session 248, is retiring after 30 years of law enforcement experience, all with the Burnsville Police Department. TEXAS PROMOTIONS n Julie Swearingin , NA Session 261, was promoted from Deputy Chief to Assistant Chief of the Fort Worth Police Department. Kentucky Police Department. MARYLAND/DELAWARE RETIREMENTS (Ret.), passed away April 13, 2019. NEW YORK/EASTERN CANADA PROMOTIONS

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