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ARIZONA PEACE OFFICER STANDARDS AND TRAINING AZPOST, Phoenix, AZ Compliance Specialist Cindy Sawyer , a retired sheriff’s lieutenant, has vastly improved programs and processes within AZPOST , working collaboratively with many stakeholders. She has brought her experience, creativity, and interpersonal skills to the organization in a wide variety of ways: devising new proce- dures and training new staff in compliance audits; working with IT to build a new AZPOST Personal History form and database online; and assisting in the development of POST training to as- sist first responders with daily stresses, to name only a few.

victims. Inv. Pihl now teaches these techniques to new officers and he will present his methods at a major forensic science sym- posium in the Dallas area.

For more information: Commander Kirk LeCroy , KLeCroy@cityofirving.org


W/B HIDTA developed the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program to serve as a collaborative and centralized platform for all disciplines responding to the threat of increas- ingly lethal drug overdoses. ODMAP allows law enforcement, EMS, fire, hospitals, and medical examiners to enter suspected overdoses in near real time. Spike information is used to address both current situations and as early warning for nearby areas. The program is in use in 49 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico, and it has demonstrably led to a reduction in overdose deaths in many jurisdictions.

For more information: Mandy Faust , afaust@azpost.gov


The BolaWrap is a remote restraint device designed to restrict a subject's mobility from a distance of 10 to 25 feet. The device was developed by award winning inventor Woody Norris as a tool specifically meant to be used by first responders to de- escalate a situation involving someone in a mental health crisis, narcotic induced psychosis or are merely passively resistant. The BolaWrap fills the gap in police use of force tools between verbal commands and pain compliance tools, and it is currently in use by over 160 law enforcement agencies in 41 states.

For more information: Assistant Chief Brian Gould , BGould@cpdny.org

PAN DULCE WITH THE POLICE Trinity University PD, San Antonio, TX

“Coffee with a Cop” has become a widely used and suc- cessful tool for promoting positive interactions between law enforcement and community members. The Police Department at Trinity University in San Antonio has taken the concept a step farther, offering a popular regional dish, pan dulce, in partner- ship with a local bakery. Pan dulce is a sweet Mexican bread common in local culture. In the university setting it also serves as an introduction to the southwestern culture for students from other regions of the US and international students as well. The simple change from the stereotypical donut has generated posi- tive feedback from students and faculty.

For more information Mike Rothans , mrothans@wraptechnologies.com


AXON’s Digital Evidence Management System allows law enforcement to receive, upload, download, and manage all types of digital evidence: audio files, videos, photos, and the like, mak- ing them sharable with prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies. Digital files are seamlessly transmitted in real time from the field, victims, witnesses, and citizens at large, creating efficiency for field officers and saving scarce dollars spent on portable storage devices. For more information: Chief Andrew Fletcher , Andrew.fletcher@southsimcoepolice.ca FORENSIC PHOTO PROCESSING FOR IDENTIFICATION Irving, TX PD Investigator Michael Pihl has pioneered new forensic tech- niques to examine pictures found on seized cell phones. Among his unique uses of forensic software, he has cropped, flipped, and inverted colors to reveal major details in these photos. His work has been successful in identifying weapons, suspects, and

For more information: Sgt. Clint Ratliff, cratliff@trinity.edu

Thank you to the NA members who served on the 2020 selection committee: Bill Berger , Florida; Larry Dyess , Louisiana; Nick Onken , New Mexico; and Craig Petersen , Mississippi.

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