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thing necessary to make sure public safety has the tools to communicate. Verizon recognizes that communication is the lifeblood to public safety and we’re doing everything possible to make sure those communication lines remain operational. Verizon also provides priority and preemption to public safety to ensure commu- nications go through even during a crisis. It is important to note that when the response teams deploy assets, there is no cost to the public agencies for these deployments. Unfortunately, violence against law enforce- ment has not decreased. When a Police Officer loses his/her life in the line of duty, the law enforcement community and their families suffer dearly. Verizon remains steadfast in our support of law enforcement. One way in which we con- tinue to support the law enforcement commu- nity is through the Verizon Fallen Officers Fund. When a Law Enforcement Officer is killed in the line of duty, Verizon shows support to the family of the officer with funds to help with immediate expenses. Verizon has partnered with the FBINAA on this program and works to ensure that every Officer’s family knows that both the FBINAA and Verizon are there in their time of need. One goal of the Fallen Officers Fund is to deliver funds quickly to the family of fallen officers. To ac- complish this, the FBINAA utilizes NAA members to coordinate and personally deliver funds to the families of fallen officers as soon as possible, preferable within 72 hours of the tragedy. During this pandemic, Verizon’s Public Safety Outreach Manager Mark Goodloe has personally stepped up the cause on behalf of Verizon and makes timely contact with the police agencies who have lost an officer. Mark works tirelessly along with the FBINAA to ensure that the beneficiary receives a check as soon as possible. Mark, along with other members of Verizon’s Public Safety Outreach Team, are former law enforcement officers, and FBI National Academy Graduates, who care deeply for families of fallen officers. Since the onset of The Verizon Fallen Officers Fund in 2011 through the first half of 2020, 1,486 Officers have died in the line of duty. Verizon has donated over $2.2 million to beneficiaries of those heroes. It is our honor to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Verizon is proud of the partnership with the FBINAA and when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and in person training events re- sume, Verizon will be there in support of these events.

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