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Howard Cook

H ere we are again, approaching the change in seasons. It happens every year like clockwork. We anticipate it and look forward to the change. We welcome that change. At least, that is what we have done year after year when things were well...normal. Change this year has been a shock to the system…for all of us. No matter how hard we try to look for a return to normalcy, it’s hard to find. Yet, for the FBINAA, its members and sponsors, we found a way forward. That is why I am so proud to write this letter for this edition of the magazine. While many associations seem to be struggling right now with all the challenges we are personally and professionally facing, the FBINAA remains strong. We have continued to stand by our Mission of “impacting communities by providing and promoting law enforcement leadership through training and net- working”. We do this by continuing to bring you impactful train- ing and providing resources to our members, Chapters, and the law enforcement community. A prime example of this is our first virtual event, FBINAA 2020: Connecting Leaders that we hosted the beginning of September. This event was a huge success with nearly 2,000 attendees. We have also found a way to deal with life’s interruptions and in some cases, embrace them. Our entire FBINAA staff has been working remotely during these last several months and through that, we have remained engaged and responsive to our members through personal phone calls, emails, Law Enforce- ment COVID-19 Resources, increased communication, website improvements, career development, and bringing you news and information to your preferred way of communicating with the FBINAA. One of these popular initiatives was to make our beloved Chapter Chat release monthly. Our members have enjoyed catching up with fellow session alumni and chapter peers in Chapter Chat which features news and information from our Chapters as well as milestones, promotions, retirements and sadly the passing of our valued members. We are now highlight- ing this information every month on our website. We have also archived past Chapter Chats so you will never miss out on what’s happening. Lastly, the pandemic has affected the National Academy Program with the planning of conducting future sessions in a safe and productive way. The Bureau is looking forward to a modified NA class taking place in January. We do not see it happening on the usual campus, but training will be conducted by the usual great instructors. We as a National Office look to be closely involved with our activities and special meals.

I continue to be encouraged as we move through these days by the many conversations I am having with our members at Chapter Retrainers. It’s been so wonderful to meet with mem- bers in person. It's during these personal interactions where you really see why the FBINAA is the Strongest Law Enforcement Leadership Network in the World.

Stay strong and I hope to see you soon,

Howard M. Cook FBINAA Executive Director FBINA #224

Kevin Wingerson receives a CZ-USA FBINAA commemorative gun with his name and the NA seal as a thank you for his outstanding leadership on the Executive Board.


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