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1 CUVETTES - PLASTIC Disposable plastic cuvettes, cuvette holder and cuvette caps. Plastic cuvettes are 12mm x 12mm x 45mm externally, and provide a light path length of 10mm, with a 4.5ml capacity. Available in two versions, optical Polystyrene (PS) for transmittance in the visible light range (340-800nm) or PMMA for transmittance in the UV and visible ranges (280 to 800nm). The Polyethylene (PE) cuvette holder holds up to 12 cuvettes. LDPE cuvette caps are also available, to contain samples and prevent spillage, supplied in packs of 100. Cat No. Description Price Per COL-300-050 Plastic Cuvettes - UV Range 18.34 100pk COL-300-100 Plastic Cuvettes - Visible Range 9.98 100pk COL-300-150 Cuvette Holder 7.55 ea. COL-300-200 Cuvette caps for 10mm Cuvettes 2.98 100pk 2 WPA ULTROSPEC 35C COLORIMETER -NEW! The Ultrospec 35c Colorimeter is designed to be a low maintenance colorimeter for modern users, even under demanding conditions. With a robust multiwavelength LED light source, changing lamps and maintaining filters is a thing of the past. The 35c allows for digital wavelength selection at 450, 500, 520, 540, 600 and 640 nm. With no lid needed and an intuitive 950 x 550mm colour touch screen interface, this instrument is easy to use, clean and store. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the cell compartment so that spillages do not affect the instrument. The samples can be measured in either standard or semi micro 10mm path-length cuvettes or in 16mm diameter test tubes. The unit measures absorbance, % transmission and simple kinetics, and allows for onboard storage of results that can be exported via USB. When used in kinetics mode - to study rates of reaction, for example - the Ultrospec 35c Colorimeter can take readings as quickly as every second. The instrument has a small footprint allowing it to be operated as a handheld battery powered unit or connected to mains power via a USB charger. Supplied complete with Lithium-ion battery and USB charging cable. Dimensions: 170 x 210 x 50 mm Weight: 0.6 kg Cat No. Description Price Per 3 MYSTRICA WIRELESS COLORIMETER 2.0 Is designed specifically for secondary science experiments either as a stand alone device or direct to a computer via a USB connection or using Bluetooth to connect to Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices such as iOS or Android tablets or phones. It can measure concentrations, enzyme activity and population growth. The software supplied is extremely easy to use for students and teachers. It features inbuilt colours using LEDs instead of filters providing Red, Green and Blue with wavelengths 630nm, 525nm and 465nm respectively. Reading can be displayed as absorbance or transmittance and uses standard cuvettes and test-tubes. S Single unit supplied with plastic cuvettes, cuvette rack, USB cable, software and instructions; visit the app store and search for ‘Mystrica Colorimeter’ Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not supplied). Size: 155 x 90 x 50mm. Class set supplied in a deep Gratnells tray with a lid and polyethylene foam insert with: • a box of 40 4ml cuvettes & box of 80 cuvette caps • a box of 25 12mm glass test-tubes • 4 cuvette racks • 4 USB cables • 4 laminated instruction sheets & 2 user manuals Cat No. Description Price Per 3 COL-250-120 Mystrica Colorimeter 2.0 130.77 ea. 4 COL-250-250 Mystrica Colorimeter Set 507.47 4pk COL-400-100 Ultrospec 35c Colorimeter 1249.00 ea. ELA-100-100 Mains Plug With USB Socket 6.58 ea.





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Mystrica Colorimeter Set supplied in Gratnells Tray


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