FLHRA Brochure

Our Client Values We have found that every client holds a unique set of business and relationship values. We work to identify the best way to partner with them and meet their needs and goals. What matters to them, matters to us. Oftentimes, those values include:

GROWTH Our industry focus and niche- based approach delivers solutions that are not only competitive in the short term, but better in the long-term. This often means improving the business’ bottom line and its overall value. SERVICE When clients call, we answer. No automated call routing machines – ever. We do not outsource functions and never send calls or functions overseas. All our clients have our mobile phone numbers and can reach us anytime. TRUST We work for our clients. We take great pride in exceeding expectations and working hard for them every day. Trust is key to long-term partnerships, and that is what we are in business to build.

GUIDANCE Our concept-focused model gives us crucial insight into client businesses, so we can advise on proper protection and coverage tailored to their specific operation. Partnering with us brings better results for our clients, both short-term and long- term. RESPONSIVENESS We have an obsessive focus on delivering for our clients – within their timeframe, not ours. We respond quickly and act with a sense of urgency.

LONG-TERM FOCUS We are dedicated to providing our clients with loyal and lasting relationships built on competitive programs,

consistency, superior service, and outstanding insurance products and coverages.


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