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Restaurant Safety Calendars

: Burns

JANUARY Don’t Get Burned

Always wear proper gloves, face shield, apron, etc. when cleaning cooking equipment Use extra caution around the grill, fryer, and when pouring coffee

Keep the floor clean and dry around cooking equipment Be aware of yourself and others when in work areas and never run

: Slips & Falls

: Fire Safety

DECEMBER Preventing Slips & Falls

APRIL Fire Safety

If a fire occurs in the fryer & the ANSUL system doesn’t discharge, pull the automatic ANSUL fire system handle, leave the area & immediately notify your manager If anything seems out of the ordinary, shut down & unplug the equipment & notify management Make sure exhaust hood filters are installed & cleaned properly

Never walk past a spill: Stop, mark with wet floor cone, clean & dry Be ready for rain & snow: Use dry mops to clean up moisture tracked into the restaurant Keep sidewalks & parking lots free of ice & snow

: Slips & Falls

Contact your manager at first sign of smoke or any other possible issue Inspect Ansul nozzle caps regularly & replace as needed

At a minimum, have enough wet floor signs out for all entrances, beverage stations & inside restrooms to warn customers


Protecting Our Customers

Put out wet floor signs immediately when any spill is noticed Warn customers of wet areas - guide them around the area Use dry mops to quickly dry floors Clean up dropped food items promptly Always mop with clean water

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