The Beacon - August 2017

Dr. Jones , a Tyler native originally, comes to the campus from Mountain View College in Dallas, TX where he served as Executive Dean and Program Director. Jones expressed genuine excitement for the opportunity to “return home” as he calls it. Jones is no stranger to the campus; his father was an alumnus of Texas College and, according to Jones, relayed many passion filled stories of his time as a student. Jones brings with him a broad expertise in teaching, curriculum development, partnership forging, administration, research, and technological innovation, as well as a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. “I am excited about becoming an official member of the Texas College family. For years I have been on the outside looking in on all of the great things Texas College has been able to accomplish. Now I have the opportunity to join in and be a part of the rich legacy of Texas College. This year the President has charged me with establishing articulation agreements with universities, community colleges, and industry partners to assist our students in gaining more opportunities for summer

internships, going onto graduate school, and joining the workforce. I have also been charged with developing a technology plan for the advancement of student learning and aid faculty with instruction. However, my most important responsibility this year is getting to know all of the members of the Texas College family.” - Dr. Stephen Jones

Dr. Cynthia Marshall-Biggins is no stranger to Texas College either. Marshall-Biggins has been with the college since 2009, serving in an executive cabinet position already, Vice President for Academic Affairs. In a time of advancement and growth of the college, Dr. Marshall-Biggins took on the challenge to serve the students, still academically, but in a different realm. She mentions that “student affairs is still a learning process, especially as it pertains to our mission, which seeks to deliver a holistic development of the student.” She explains further that Student Affairs is everything outside of the classroom; thus, everything a student partakes in, outside of the class, is still a learning experience. Dr. Marshall-Biggins has transitioned to the new role easily due to formal education in Student Affairs, as well as a strong collaboration with the division during her Academic Affairs tenure. Already, there has been a noticeable difference with her overhaul of new student orientation, replacing the previous single day orientation with a week long process to better acclimate new students to the Texas College campus.

“I am excited to return to the Office of Student Affairs and eager to continue working with students. I look forward to working with the staff in Student Affairs as we continue to generate programs and activities to enhance the student learning experience outside of the classroom.” - Dr. Cynthia Marshall-Biggins

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