The Beacon - August 2017

The summer drew to an end for Texas College students this month as new students moved in August 16th and returning students arrived the 19th. With the dorms near maximum capacity, classes began on the 23rd. The campus was full of energy; students eager to learn, faculty excited to teach, and staff enthusiastic to assist as classes kicked off for the semester. The campus is full and bustling with a very diverse student body engaged in the Texas College experience of an intellectual,

psychological, social, and spiritual development. The Fall Convocation is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26th; beginning at 11:00 A.M. with guest speaker Dr. Joseph H. Silver, Sr., President and CEO of Silver and Associates. Orientation and first day pictures are featured below.

Over the summer, the City of Tyler continued diligently working on the Texas College District with the hanging of gold banners branded with the Texas College seal, pictured left. This final stage brings closure to the project. The official opening and ribbon cutting is scheduled for September 1st on 26th Street at 11 A.M. accompanied with a block party inviting the community into the newly revitalized district. The event will be hosted by Texas College and the City of Tyler.

Texas College is working to update the alumni database to ensure all alumni are being reached. This update includes all contact information (address, phone number, email address, etc. ) to better serve the alumni population.

Also, the College is always interested in you! Please include updates, employment, success, or any other pertinent information. Please contact the College at 903.593.8311 extension 2204 or at to submit contact information and updates.

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