Lime Tree Journal - January 2019

Public Holidays

In Australia people enjoy an average of 11 paid holidays a year. Out of those, 7 are nationwide public holidays. The others are local public holidays. People who live in Western Australia are the luckiest with 6 additional local public holidays. Tasmania and New South Wales are only entitled to 3 additional local public holidays (adding up to 10 free days a year).



January 1 Tuesday

New Year’s Day

January 28 Monday

Australia Day

February 14 Thursday

Valentines Day

March 4 Monday

Labour Day in WA

March 11 Monday

Labour Day in Victoria

March 11 Monday

8 Hours Day Tasmania

March 11 Monday

Canberra Day

March 11 Monday

March Public Holiday or Adelaide Cup Day

April 19 Friday

Good Friday

April 21 Sunday

Easter Sunday

April 22 Monday

Easter Monday

April 25 Thursday

Anzac Day

May 6 Monday

Labour Day QLD

May 6 Monday

May Day NT

May 12 Sunday

Mothers Day

June 3 Monday

Western Australia Day

June 10 Monday

Queens Birthday

August 5 Monday

Picnic Day

September 1 Sunday

Father’s Day

October 7 Monday

Labour Day Sth Australia

October 7 Monday

Labour Day

October 7 Monday

Labour Day NSW

October 7 Monday

Labour Day ACT

October 31 Thursday


November 5 Tuesday

Melbourne Cup Day

December 24 Tuesday

Christmas Eve

December 25 Wednesday

Christmas Day

December 26 Thursday

Boxing Day

December 31 Tuesday

New Year’s Eve

January 2019 | Volume 12 | Issue 1

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