SDS - Online Packet 10-5-2018

October 5 , 2018

ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the products you are using, or may be using, are enclosed in this packet. Even though these products are very useful, you should be aware of the potential hazards, proper handling, and use of these products. This packet contains updated SDS information for most of the products you may receive throughout the duration of your project. Chief Buildings urges you, and it is your duty, under the Federal Hazard Communication Standard (29CFR 1910, 1200) and any applicable state and/or local right-to-know regulations, to pass the warnings and information on the enclosed SDS(s) along to your employees, customers, handlers, and/or users of these products. Even though Chief Buildings is providing this information to you, please know that it’s not all encompassing; therefore, it is recommended that you consult with an appropriate company representative to determine your level of compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Below is a list of SDS(s) contained in this packet. A more comprehensive list of SDS’s that may not be included in this packet can be found on the Chief Buildings website. Refer to your shipping papers for the products that you are using and reference the appropriate SDS(s). I. Gray Primer II. SikaLastomer-95 Tape Mastic / Sika Mastic 201 and 511 sealants III. Touch-Up Paint (All Colors) IV. Steel Products V. Zinc Coating

ENCLOSURES TL Revised 10 . 5. 18

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