HCHS Today April 2019


By the time you read this, there will be barely two months remaining in the school year. Time, as always, has flown. It’s been an eventful time. Athletic achievements, academic excellence, the grand opening of the field house—every year has the events that make it special and unique. This year will probably be best remembered for the physical changes to the campus, most notably the addition of the field house and the demolition of the old Rockton Grade School across the street from Hononegah. It’s easy to focus on these types of building (or demolition) projects when they come along because they tend to be large and occupy our time and attention, but the physical plant of the school is not what the Board and the District spend most of their time working on. Construction projects don’t take place that often. The last two were in 1992 and 2003, but they changed the face of the campus, just as the present one did. It’s easy to let a large physical change to the school take the focus off the true mission of the District which is, of course, the education of our students. The building and surrounding grounds are important, but only because they are tools to provide a platform for education. The Board has the duty to support the educational mission of the District as recommended by the administration. After all these years, it has become apparent that it takes a team to ensure that Hononegah keeps true to its mission of public education. The Board, teaching staff, administration, support staff, parents and community must all have input to determine the direction Hononegah is to take in providing that education. The mecha- nism that has been used to reach a consensus for Hononegah’s future is the strategic planning process. Every five years representatives of the District’s stakeholder groups, including students, meet to set the overall goals. It’s a process where diverse perspectives can be discussed and debated before consensus is finally reached. Action teams design activities to implement the strategic plan. All decisions on programs and activities for Hononegah should relate back the strategic plan. I’ve participated in three of the strategic planning team meetings, and I believe that the planning process has been essential in Hononegah’s continuing to climb towards excellence. The strategic plan allows for the expression of differing perspectives in a positive manner. There is no winner or loser in the discussions, and the District benefits in the end. No agendas or biases are allowed because everyone eventually focuses on what’s best for our students. It’s a great experience. The next annual review is scheduled for April 23—stay tuned. Our regular Board meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the school library. If you are interested in being placed on the agenda to speak or would like to attend a committee meeting where most of our planning is done, please call the district office at 624-5010. You can always contact me at 389-1382 or e-mail me at dkurli@ hononegah.org .

Board of Education

District-Level Administration

Building-Level Administration

Michael Dugan

David Kurlinkus, President

Eric Flohr, Principal

Mary Lewis, Vice-President


Chad Dougherty, Executive Associate Principal

Sandy Fordell, Secretary

Kathleen Eckmann, Associate Principal

Kim Suedbeck, Ed.D.

Bob Geddeis

Assistant Superintendent

David Lombardo, Assistant Principal

Fred Hasse

Pamela M. Kibbons, PhD

Daniel Phelps, Assistant Principal

Diane LaForge

Director of Finance

Sarah Moore, Assistant Principal for Student Services

Scott Wallace

Steve Cofoid, Athletic/Activities Director


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