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Qufora ® IrriSedo irrigation range: Product decision guide

Qufora® IrriSedo Mini

Qufora® IrriSedo Cone

The Qufora® IrriSedo Mini system is the easy and convenient way to instill a small amount of water into the rectum. For patients who need water stimulation to start or finish defaecation. Includes hydrophilic coated cone. Just dip in water. Ready to use.

The Qufora® IrriSedo Cone system is simple to use full irrigation, via a rectal cone. It can be used by patients (or their carers) for rectal irrigation on or over a toilet. Includes hydrophilic coated cone. Just dip in water. Ready to use.

a Full irrigation

Low volume irrigation

a Evacuation difficulties or faecal incontinence

a Slower transit or require fuller bowel clearance

a Good dexterity

a Good dexterity

a Can sit on or over toilet

a Can sit on or over toilet

Product features Examples of conditions

a Easy to use

a Able to support cone in rectum

a One squeeze of hand pump

a Choice of gravity or pump

Evacuation difficulties

Slow transit colon

Incomplete emptying

Chronic faecal incontinence and/or constipation

Passive soiling

Anterior resection syndrome

Post defaecation soiling

Neurogenic bowel

Neurogenic bowel Cauda Equina syndrome Rectocele Radiation proctitis (instillation of Sucralfate) Mucous discharge (e.g rectal stump) Ileo-anal pouch

It is lovely now to feel clean, comfortable, confident and most of all, in control... Mrs P. H.

The above conditions are intended as a guide only. All patients should be individually assessed for their suitability to use rectal irrigation.

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