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Offers Valid 1st January - 31st March 2020

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Retomix Vacuum Mixers


The RETOMIX devices are constantly in motion, stainless steel is the ideal robust material for granting longevity. Convenient cleaning is another decisive benefit. Easy application

The ultrasonic unit SONIRET offers a rapid and highly efficient method of precise cleaning of different instruments and objects. Vibration technology with high efficiency for optimum cleaning results in places which are difficult to access, e.g. bores, joints or grooves, preventing mechanical damage. • fast instrument cycle • time-reduced disinfection procedure • temperature range from 20 to 80 °C • timer setting with 1 - 99 minutes adjustable • tank capacity max. 3l REI10200

reduces downtime and increases productivity. • mixing bowls are available in different sizes • easy-change filter system • maintenance-free vacuum pump • variable vacuum intensity • mixer is supplied for wall mounting • incl. 400 ml mixing bowl

ONLY £450

REI10607 - Mini 230V/50-60Hz £1,095


REI10608 - Comfort 230V/50-60Hz £1,250

Poliret Polishing Units

REI10606 - Easy 230V/50-60Hz £875

The POLIRET range offers economic and precise grinding, polishing, cleaning and brushing of metal, plastic and ceramic objects. All POLIRET polishing units are suitable for pumice and include at least one storage tray and perfect LED work area lighting.


REI11100 - Mini 230V/50-60Hz • one polishing spindle made of stainless steel • powerful motor with adjustable speed control • LED work area lighting • integrated powerful suction • easy change fleece filter, machine wash at 40 °C • emergency stop button • suitable for polishing with pumice

• fully variable speed control • two stainless steel spindles • LED work area lighting • two separately adjustable suction channels • easy change fleece filters, machine wash at 40 °C • emergency stop button • storage tray • POLIRET TWIN: one motor per side – speeds can be controlled independently

REI10328 - Poliret 230V/50-60Hz

ONLY £1,450

ONLY £2,750

REI12703 - Poliret Twin

REI11111 - Classic • two stainless steel spindles • two separately adjustable suction chanels • easy change fleece filters, machine wash at 40 °C • emergency stop button • storage tray

ONLY £3,095

ONLY £2,250



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