Bayway Banter - May 2019

Managers Report - May

Hello everyone, The important date to look forward to this month is Sunday May 12 th , which we all know is Mothers Day. Whether you’re planning a big day or just a quiet one, it’s nice to take the time to remember how important mothers are to us all and of course if you are a mum…reflect on how much you deserve breakfast in bed and a big box of chocolates to go with it.

I hope everyone has had a delightful time over the Easter holiday period. I t’s a great time of year with the temperature still being nice and warm before winter comes knocking.

Mind you I do miss daylight savings. I always promise myself to avoid chocolate over Easter but somehow it still manages to find me. I swear that stuff should come with a warning label on it - “this product becomes irresistible once you’ve been tempted” Well done to the Men's Shed for the construction of a parking shelter for the new bus adjacent to their building. There’s certainly a great pool of enthusiasm within your membership. Anyone interested in becoming involved with the Bayway Village Men's Shed are always made welcome. So feel free to stop in and introduce yourself over a cuppa and get acquainted with the crew. Something to keep in mind for next month, we have the Queens Birthday weekend on 8 th 9 th & 10 th June , and don’t forget to mark your calendar for another great community gathering at the Mid-Year Bayway Village Market Day on Saturday 20 th July . To our pet owners, please remember to keep your animal on a leash at all times when outside your home. Also, please respect your neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum and ensure that you pick up droppings when taking your pet on daily walks or using the community centre dog run. Best wishes to all the Mums for Mothers Day, Peter and all the Bayway Team.

Manager Peter Hindmarsh can be contacted on- Ph: 4928 2929 or

Contributions to the “Bayway Banter” are always welcome! Please deliver any news, details of events and photos to the Bayway Office or email Danielle at - Please send in your contributions by the 15th of each month Please note….. First priority news is from residents and social groups within our village. Advertising will go in if we have room in the monthly edition. Kind regards Danielle *******Please send to this email until further notice*******

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