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Bazman Hazeh

“In These Times”

Adar I - Adar II

VOL. 49 NO. 6

MARCH 2016

Aliza Goland, Executive Director Marcy Goldberg, Director of Education Donna Becker, ECC Director

Peggy Frank, President, Board of Directors Alan Greenbaum, Rabbi Emeritus

Andrew Straus, Rabbi David Shukiar, Cantor

a Magic MADNESS extravaganza

NEW This Year DUNK THE RABBI!!! (and others) in our very own dunk tank Exciting New Games Cookie Walk (like musical chairs but with cookies) Bungie Jump Gaga

Performers of Stage, Parlour and Close Up Direct from the Magic Castle®

Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 6pm Live Auction to Support our ECC and other Programs! HELP US REACH OUR GOAL OF $40,000! Experience an evening of illusions and prestidigitation from top magicians & entertainers for ADULTS ONLY. Includes extravagant hors d’oevres, dessert bu et, signature drink and a no-host bar. Admission $50pp. All guests will receive a free admission to the Magic Castle® in Hollywood. I wanted to pass along our congratulations. The last magic extravaganza was one of the most fun events we attended in a long time. Abracadabra and kudos to all.

Wristband Cost: $18 presale $20 day of Wristbands include all rides & games (Dunk tank and cookie walk additional) Food & Dunk Tank tickets available at carnival Register now at: Have questions? Want to Volunteer? Email Anne Rubin

2420 E. Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks

Order your tickets online at: or call formore information at: 805.497.7101

Temple Adat Elohim


MARCH 2016


From the Rabbi’s Desk

Judaica Shop

They attacked us; we beat them! Let’s eat and drink! Is that all there is to Purim? Who doesn’t like a good party? Who doesn’t like an opportunity to dress in costume and enjoy a night of festivity, a night to escape the realities of the world? Which kids don’t like a carnival, and permission to shout in the sanctuary? Yes, of course Purim is many peoples’ favorite holiday. In fact, the Talmud teaches us that in the time of the Messiah all Jewish holidays will cease to be celebrated except for Purim – Purim is eternal. One of my favorite contemporary Jewish poets, Danny Siegel, once wrote, “If I were Chief Rabbi of the world – I would abolish Yom Kippur and Tisha B’Av and replace Shabbas with a biweekly Purim – with masks and noise and a mound of hamentaschen and all the children of Theresienstadt to fill the streets with games and narishkeit. ” Although we treat Purim as a fun children’s holiday, in reality, it raises some very difficult and important questions; questions that the Jews of Shushan had to ask, and questions that we are asking still. 1. When Esther first goes to the palace, she hides her Jewish identity from everyone. When is it okay to hide your Jewish identity? 2. On one level it seems that the Jews are totally accepted in Shushan, but then suddenly Haman arises and claims that, “There is a certain people, scattered and dispersed among the other people, … whose laws are different from those of any other people … it is not in your majesty’s interest to tolerate them.” This speech has been used against the Jewish people wherever we have lived. Is it being used in the United States today? If so, against whom? How secure are we as Jews in the United States? In Europe? Some of those questions include:

3. Vashti, the first queen, refuses the kings order to “display her beauty” to the people and officials. She is often held up as an early feminist. Yet Esther, the heroine of the story, uses her beauty and sexuality to gain power. What does it mean to be a feminist today? What is the role of “good looks” in our world today? Is it different for men and women? Are women still objectified? Does a person’s looks make a difference in their ability to rise to a position of power? If so, how do we change this as a society? 4. Mordechai says to Esther, “Do not imagine that you of all the Jews will escape with your life by being in the king’s palace. On the contrary, if you keep silent in this crisis, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from another quarter. … And who knows, perhaps you have attained royal position for just such a crisis.” Esther responds by saying, “I will go to the king… and if I am to perish, I shall perish.” When are you willing to take risks for your family? Your community? Your people? Are you willing to perish to protect your family? Your people? Others? What ideals, what community, is worth potentially dying for? Do you know your purpose in life? These are just some of the questions that Purim and the Book of Esther raise for us. I hope that you will take some time to discuss them with your friends and family. As you can see, this holiday is much more than, “They attacked us; we beat them! Let’s eat and drink!” I hope that you will join us as we celebrate Purim on Wednesday, March 23rd, at 7:00 p.m., to enjoy the festive and reflect upon the serious.

HOURS Tuesday – Thursday 11:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:30 – 5:00 P.M. FRIDAY Before Shabbat services,

6:30 P.M. – 7:25 P.M. or by appointment: Paula Kraft (805) 493-1749

Place an ad in the Bazman Hazeh... Business Card size (3 1/2” x 2” size) Monthly $25.00 Annually $270.00 3 1/2” x 3 1/2” Monthly $40.00 Annually $430.00 Quarter Page size Monthly $45.00 Annually $475.00 Half Page size Monthly $65.00 Annually $660.00 Full Page size Monthly $130.00 Annually $1300.00 Jewish community embracing those who seek spirituality, knowledge, and a desire to heal the world. Bazman Hazeh Bazman Hazeh is the newsletter of Temple Adat Elohim 2420 East Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 A Reform Jewish synagogue, affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. It is published monthly. Our Mission: Temple Adat Elohim is a welcoming and fulfilling


Rabbi Andrew Straus


Rabbi Straus: Cantor Shukiar: Aliza Goland:

Accounting: Reception Desk: Marcy Goldberg: Donna Becker: Clergy/Exec. Asst.: TAE Seniors:

Temple Adat Elohim

MARCH 2016




C omposer ’ s C orner

Frankly Speaking “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C. S. Lewis When starting my public relations business 17 years ago, I polled my very good friends in my havurah for their help in brainstorming a memorable business name. My favorite was Abracadabra PR (with the tag line: It takes more than magic to create a successful PR campaign ). I ultimately eliminated this name, thinking people would not take such a business seriously, and instead used my last name to leverage the double entendre of “Frank” Public Relations. In fact, I still think Abracadabra PR would have worked, since clients often think good PR people simply wave a magic wand and their wishes magically become reality! Sometimes being “frank” is the best approach and magic might be nothing more than a confusing sleight of hand…unless you consider our Temple Adat ElohimMagic Madness Extravaganza Fun and Fundraising Night, Saturday, March 12th. The evening’s festivities include remarkable professional magic, awesome camaraderie, sumptuous appetizer fare, and a live auction, with a fundraising goal of $40K to support our Early Childhood Education Center and other temple programming. This night will also kick off our temple’s 2017 50 th Anniversary celebration plans. We will be sharing some of those plans for next year’s milestone celebration of our vibrant spiritual home; a home that warmly welcomes multi-generational and multi-ethnic singles, couples, and families, as well as interfaith couples and families, and LGBTQ members and their families. As we look forward to these 50 th Anniversary celebration events and unite to ensure that TAE will be an enduring spiritual home for generations to come, re-examine all the many ways you can immerse yourself in religious, educational, spiritual, social and social action activities. Make it a point to regularly check out our TAE online calendar, read our weekly TAE email, monthly Bazman (now available in both print and online versions), or call the office to ensure you don’t miss any of our great activities. Our TAE sacred community is unique. We are a wonderful blend of blessings and energy, with each of us adding our distinctive special ingredients of warmth, caring, and love. Each of us has the potential to compassionately impact one another, today and tomorrow. Please know that you play a pivotal role in the ongoing viability of our temple – creating and sustaining a fiscally sound, dynamic Jewish future for everyone here at Temple Adat Elohim!

In this section, I hope to teach you about vari- ous composers of Jewish music who influence the music we do at TAE.

Louis Lewandowski (1821 – 1894)

Born in 1821 in the Pol- ish town of Wreschen, Louis Lewandowski be- came the first Jew to at- tend the Berlin Academy

of the Arts. After showing great promise in the field of secular music, he developed a serious nervous disorder that forced him to give up his scholarship and abandon his studies. After his partial recovery, and after hearing a cantor sing a service, he decided to devote his talents to writing synagogue music. Over the last 20 years of his life, he grew in prominence and he was the primary influence on Western Ashkenazic Synagogue music for almost 50 years after his death. His music is very adaptable, so it can be used in small synagogues with few musicians and a single soloist, or in large temples that have professional choirs and many instrumentalists. Lewandowski’s style was transferred early on to the Conservative and Reform congregations in urban communities in the United States. We do a lot of Lewandowski’s music at TAE. Most of the time, you might not even be aware of it, because of the way that the music is presented. A lot of music that is called “traditional” is actually composed by Lewandowski. His music is unique in the grand nature of the sound, echoing the sound of secular, clas- sical music written during his lifetime. Most of his music is ar- ranged for organ and choir, but at TAE I adapt it to include the Band of Milk and Honey, allowing the orchestration to sound a bit more contemporary. His Psalm 150 (Halleluyah) is by far his most famous work, still being performed in many synagogues to- day, including our own on Rosh Hashanah Morning. Each week we chant his version of the Shabbat Kiddush, the blessing over the wine as we welcome Shabbat to our community. Most of our bar and bat mitzvah students have no idea that they are chanting music that is more than 150 years old!

Cantor David Shukiar

With love, respect, and gratitude,

Peggy C. Frank

Temple Adat Elohim


MARCH 2016


March 5, 2016 at 10am Evan Goldstein son of Cherryl and Eric Goldstein

March 19, 2016 at 10am Eliana Anais Rojany daughter of Jodie and Micha Rojany

Evan is someone who makes the world a better place. In 13 short years, Evan has demonstrated that he is

Eliana is our smart, kind and very beautiful daughter. She is the oldest of 3 sisters, whom all share a very

a caring, giving, smart, creative, talented, adventurous person with a great sense of humor.  Evan is a 7th grade honors student, and when he isn’t studying for school or preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, he is playing lacrosse, surfing, drawing, taking photographs, playing motorsport video games or listening to funky soul music.  Evan loves the beach and oceans, and for his Mitzvah Project is promoting support for and participation with the Surfrider Foundation.  He can often be found with Sam (his big sister), Lulu (his rescue dog) and proud parents, Eric and Cherryl, on the beaches in Ventura, searching for beach glass, doing some beach clean-up, and being grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  We are so proud of Evan for all of his accomplishments, for his big heart, and his deep soul. We love you Evan!  Mom, Dad, and Sam (and Lulu, Jinxy and Jac-Jak)

loving, sisterly bond. Eliana is a 7th grader and excels at everything she puts her mind to, from being an honor student, a lovely alto saxophone player and skillful soccer player. She enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends and absolutely adores her boxer, Koko. For Eliana’s Mitzvah Project, she is providing the local Agoura animal shelter with dog food, biscuits and blankets. In addition, she is donating food to the local food bank, Manna. We are very proud of you Eliana and we love you very much. We look forward to celebrating together with friends and family as you continue our tradition of becoming a Bat Mitzvah. Love, Mom, Dad, and sisters Jordana and Naomi

March 19, 2016 at 5pm Ben Rosen son of  Yael and David Rosen

March 5, 2016 at 5pm Quinn McConnell son of Melissa McConnell and Monte McConnell When asked to write something about Quinn, many wonderful qualities and characteristics come to

Ben is a 7 th -grade honors student who has worked hard to achieve straight As and be selected to play

trombone in his school’s Jazz ABand. Ben enjoys playing on his all-star soccer team, karate training, and being one of Adat Elohim’s Junior Cantors. He loves movies, music, reading, and spending time with his family and friends. For his Mitzvah Project, Ben raised money to bring hope and happiness to homeless people by donating 100 movie tickets and popcorn for a day of fun. In addition, he was able to donate some items for basic necessities. He is a kind, compassionate, and hard-working young man. He’s put a great amount of effort into his Bar Mitzvah studies, and we are so excited his special day is almost here. We are so proud of his accomplishments. We love you, Ben! Love, Mom, Dad, Jacob, and Suki

mind. He is kind, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. Quinn is hard working and puts his all into everything he does. He studies hard and plays hard. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends and most of all, his dog Netta. He has a passion for baseball and video games. He is a role model to his 11–year old brother, Cooper and his 5-year-old sister, Raena. When asked to choose a Mitzvah Project, Quinn contacted “Book Ends” to help him organize a book drive to provide books for schools in need. Quinn, you have worked so hard and overcome so much to get to this day. We can’t wait to see what you will bring to the future because we know with your enthusiasm you will be able to attain all your dreams. We are all so proud of you. We love you to the stars and back. Love you, Mom, Dad, Cooper and Raena

March 26, 2016 at 10am Justin Klausner son of Laura and Greg Klausner

Justin Klausner is a 7 th -grade honor student at his middle school, where he also plays the baritone

saxophone in the prestigious jazz and concert bands. Justin is also a gifted athlete who plays goalkeeper for Triunfo United Soccer Club, as well as being an all-star baseball player. For his Mitzvah Project, Justin combined his love of baseball and family by raising money for the City of Hope, where his uncle is being treated, by securing donations for every strikeout he pitches. Justin has been at TAE since he was born, starting with Mommy & Me classes and then the ECC. He is very much looking forward to this special day and becoming a Bar Mitzvah. We are all so proud of you and your accomplishments! We love you. Mom, Dad and Ethan.

Temple Adat Elohim

MARCH 2016



Mark these dates on your calendar for our upcoming events!

AETY 9 th -12 th

JAETY 6 th -8 th

MAETY 4 th & 5 th

March Activity

Sunday, March 6 th

Vertical Heaven 11:30-1:30 PM MAETY

Please contact Joey at for more event and membership information.

Sunday Night Live & AETY Serving Food at the Winter Shelter Above: Andrea Levenson, Melissa Bordelon (Communication VP), CJ Wechsler (Finance VP), Hannah Kreitman (President) Tory Borovay (SNL)

Monday, April 4th at 7:00pm - “Who’s In Charge?” Betty Levy Alkazian returns for the final parent education evening of the year.

NEW TIME FOR OUR FAMILY SHABBAT SERVICES Beginning March 18 th , Family Shabbat Services will start at 6:30 p.m.* We have heard from many congregants that they would love to see us shift the start time for some of our services in order that families with younger children can participate without interfering with bedtime. We have also heard from many that an earlier Shabbat service would make it more feasible to have a leisurely Shabbat dinner with family and friends following services. With this in mind – and in consultation with TAE leadership – we are initiating a pilot program, beginning on March 18 th and continuing through June 2016. On the following Family Shabbat Services where our Junior Cantors and Shirei Elohim (Junior Choir) are leading, our service will begin at 6:30 p.m. We invite you to join us for a Pre-Neg, beginning at 5:45 p.m., in lieu of an Oneg following the service:

March 18 th , April 15 th , May 20 th , June 17 th

We welcome your feedback as we try this shift in Family Shabbat Service times; and look forward to seeing you at TAE for any of our wonderful Shabbat Services.

*all other Friday Shabbat Services will still begin at 7:30 p.m.



Making Friends

Spring is almost here, and I can feel it in the air. As the new flowers bloom, so do the children of the ECC, and so do their friendships. Recently, a parent asked me to pinpoint essential needs and skills for preschool-age children. That’s a very big question, and in answering, I carefully considered my own early years; and decided that one of the most important things I learned was how to develop friendships. A healthy and well-adjusted preschooler must learn to establish, and enjoy, compatible friendships! The early years are a very social time, critical for the development of social skills. At school, a child finds a close friend, or two; and a whole new world opens up. It is a wonderfully exciting new world, and one of the reasons why going to school is so satisfying. Finding friends, choosing friends, making friends, working with friends, and learning to compromise through the give-and-take that defines friendship are fundamental learning experiences for all children. Some youngsters move slowly into this new social life. Some are more outgoing, some a bit shy; children all differ in personality and temperament. If it takes longer for your little one to make friends, you may be able to help the process along. The teacher may be able to tell you of other children who live nearby, or give you the names of youngsters who play with your child at school, or the name of some other child searching to establish a new friendship. Why not try inviting another youngster home for lunch, to come over on a Saturday to play, or to join you and your child on some special little trip or errand. However you want to do it, throwing two children together can sometimes lead to the start of a wonderful friendship, well worth a little effort on your part. Be watchful of your child’s play time and visits, and keep them short and sweet. After long periods of time, you will find them becoming fatigued, and a little cranky. The trick is to step in before the youngsters get too tired. Sometimes a gentle word of warning or a reminder calms them down. Sometimes you can suggest a new activity, or a change of pace, and never underestimate the ability of a healthy snack to recharge a play date going awry. It seems to be an almost universal issue that children act out when their friends are around. For example, you may offer a suggestion or instruction and your child doesn’t listen as well as at other times. Don’t take this acting out too seriously. It is not the start of a bad habit and it really isn’t a lack of respect. In fact, this kind of showingoff is more a sign of love and respect. Your child trusts you so much that he or she dares to use you to make an important point to the friend; “See what a big person I am!” As young children first find their new friends, it is important for you to be yourself. Don’t hesitate to stand up for what you believe in, and to use your judgment. When you are in charge, and when the children are in your house, your requirements, principles and routines must stand . Don’t be intimidated by children’s complaints,

or manipulated by their gripes. The best friend a child can have is a strong, goodnatured, and self-confident adult.

Finally, it’s important to engage younger siblings during a play date. Although siblings “ought” to play nicely together, it doesn’t always work out that way. Some of the most challenging times can be when the school-age youngster invites “age mates” over to play. On these occasions, it is not unusual for the older children to exclude a younger family member. The schoolage child usually wants to be big, separate and independent. You are likely to get complaints that “the baby” is interfering, as well as tears and complaints from “the baby” about being excluded. Usually the best approach is to accept reality. Give yourself to your younger child and plan something special together, freeing older children to explore their new friendships. This will give you some peace and pleasure with your younger child, and help your school-age child to get the most out of being a grownup, very social human being.

Sit back and enjoy watching your child become a part of a caring community with all the benefits of friends and friendships.


Donna Becker Director of Early Childhood Education

Temple Adat Elohim’s Parenting Center is excited to present: PJ Library Family Play at the Hideout with Temple Adat Elohim 1125 Lindero Canyon Rd A7, Thousand Oaks Sunday, March 6 10:00am -12:00pm Cost: Discounted admission of $8 per child Connect with other PJ Library families for an informal morning of play, a fun art project, and PJ Library story time. RSVP today to reserve your spot. Priority entrance given to RSVPs. Recommended for families with children ages 1 - 5 years old. For more information call Donna Becker at 805-497-7101. Space is limited.

Temple Adat Elohim

MARCH 2016




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Temple Adat Elohim


MARCH 2016


Greetings to our Brotherly Mishpucha,

appetite, and a modest– albeit voluntary – donation of your choice to help offset our costs. RSVPs may be delivered to Bob Salfi at FUTURE ACTIVITIES: We had our first young members mixer at Brendan’s in Agoura Hills.

TAE Brotherhood Activities:

Anyone may attend our monthly Brotherhood Board meetings, held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, starting at 7:00 p.m. in rooms 5 and 6. If you wish to start receiving board meeting agendas or any other Brotherhood correspondences, please contact Herb Shukiar at We also have social nights on the third Wednesday of each month – contact Stuart Goodman or Bob Salfi for the location. Men’s Torah Study - Monday Evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. - Temple Library - TheMen’s Torah Study Group has a contemplative discussion each week as they read through an individual chapter. Please come and join them for spirited discussion and thought provoking commentaries. For additional information, please contact Bob Grossmann Here are the topics for the rest of the Sunday Bagel Brunch season: • Emerging from the Iron Curtain: Romanian Orphans and their Medical Challenges - Our own Dr. Alvin Miller, MD and FAAP - Sunday, March 27, 2016 • Influencing the Policy Debate in an Era of Political Polarization - Michael Rich, Esq., President and CEO of the RAND Corporation – Sunday, May 15, 2016 Bagel Brunches start promptly at 9:15 a.m. in the Social Hall. You may drop off your child(ren) for Religious School, enjoy the brunch, and they’re usually over just in time to go pick up your child(ren) after class. You may bring your significant others or friends, too. All we ask is for an RSVP in advance, a hearty

Purim carnival - March 20 th – The men’s group will do the cooking.

Brotherhood Seder - April 26 th - Sheldon Tilles is working on plans. He did such a wonderful job last year that we asked him to do it again.

Dodgers Baseball - June 5 th – 30 th spots will be available.

Fishing Trip – July 10 th – 20 spots available, 10 spots already are filled Plan for our Brotherhood End of Year Dinner scheduled for June 26 th If you’re looking to get more involved with the Brotherhood, you may join at any time of the year. Your $36 dues (first year is free when joining TAE) help to support the many programs the Brotherhood sponsors, as well as the temple. Contact Steve Forman for more information at As always, check Brotherhood’s page on the TAE website, or our Facebook page, to keep informed. We need your support!

Happy March,

Stuart Goodman, Brotherhood President

TAE Adult Education Presents “A Potpourri of Pesach Pleasures” April 3 rd 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. Just a few of the wonderful offerings:

Create Your Own Ritual Item

Pesach Teachings with Rabbi Straus

New and exciting Passover Dishes ** Mark your calendars! **

Temple Adat Elohim

MARCH 2016



Your TAE Seniors continue to provide very enjoyable programming to our entire community. On Tuesday, March 1st at 1:30 p.m., with our “Lunch & Learn,” we’ll enjoy a delicious treat planned especially for us, served buffet style by our volunteers, celebrate all birthdays and anniversaries in the month of March, as well as have Rabbi Straus join us for lively discussion with a Jewish theme. The luncheon is free, and donations are always appreciated to help offset our costs. Sponsors this month: Bea Ferber, in memory of her beloved husband Sam Ferber; Bob Grossmann’s birthday; Stan Steinberg’s birthday. Your $36 sponsorship contribution helps support our TAE Seniors programming and events. If you would like to sponsor one our “luncheons” or any other of our ongoing programs, please contact Stan Steinberg at 805-375-1164 for additional information. PLEASE NOTE: Your TAE Seniors will be recognized and will help lead the March 4 th Shabbat Service that starts at 7:30 p.m. We are honored to be able to share our dedication to our temple and our devotion to Judaism in this manner. Please come and join us for this special Shabbat. Upcoming, on Tuesday, March 15th at 1:30 p.m., we’ll welcome back “Bob Ryman – America’s Favorite Fiddler.” Bob has been with us on a number of occasions and has always presented an outstanding musical program. We’ll enjoy his selections from Bluegrass to Broadway, from Country to Classics. Come and join us for this very talented entertainer. Remember, everybody is always welcome to participate in any of our programs, at any time.

Your TAE Seniors have already started to plan for our next “Annual Chanukah Dinner & Party,” which will be held in December. We hope that everyone who attended previously will join us again this year. Specific information will be available as we get closer to the date. Your TAE Golf Group plays on the first and the third Mondays at our home course, the always lovely Westlake Golf Course, with our usual tee time of 8:15 a.m. Come join us for a pleasant round of play, either walk or ride a cart on the course, and especially enjoy the companionship of your fellow TAE members. All levels of ability are welcome. Come out and get back in the swing of things. Your golf maven is Bob Grossmann. Please call at 805-492-6418 for additional information. [I believe that our temple is the only one in the area which offers a regularly scheduled golf program for our congregants and friends.] Your TAE Seniors continue to strive to look for new ideas and new programming, so please share any ideas or suggestions that you may have. You are always invited to join with us at our monthly board meetings on the third Thursday each month at 1:00 p.m., when we map out our future programming and off-site events for the year. Please contact me for any additional information, or e-mail me anytime at


Bob Grossmann

President – TAE Seniors

The Jewish Genealogical Society of the Conejo Valley and Ventura County (JGSCV) will hold a general meeting, co–sponsored with Temple Adat Elohim, on Monday, April 4, 2016 The Topic: When It Takes A Village: Applying Cluster Research Techniques

Sometimes tracking one’s immigrant ancestors tests all one’s research acumen. Identifying individuals, their origins, and parentage; tracking them through time; and constructing biographies to place them in their social context is best approached by broadening one’s approach to include family members, associates and neighbors. This presentation will outline a research program for solving genealogical research problems via cluster and collateral research techniques. Topics will include: appropriate application, research planning, commonly used resources and documents, and case studies successfully tracking individuals from Europe to the United States, overcoming name and residential changes. Speaker: Emily H. Garber An archaeologist by training, Garber has been researching her Jewish ancestry since 2007 and holds a certificate from Boston University's Genealogical Research program. In 2013 she traveled to Ukraine to visit archives and

family villages. She is a family history researcher, writer and speaker specializing in in Jewish genealogical research and has worked with records from both German-Jewish and Eastern European Jewish immigrants. Emily is a blogger (http://www., chair of the Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group and owner of Extra Yad Genealogical Services. There is no charge to attend the meeting. Anyone may join JGSCV. Annual dues are $25 for an individual and $30 for a family. The meeting is open to the public. The Jewish Genealogical Society of the Conejo Valley and Ventura County is dedicated to sharing genealogical information, techniques and research tools with anyone interested in genealogy and family history. For more information contact: or Contact Jan Meisels Allen at 818-889-6616

Temple Adat Elohim


MARCH 2016


Friendship / Y’didut

According to Judaism, a friend is someone who makes you a better person and offers support and companionship as you go through life. Jewish tradition teaches us that friendship should be a shared responsibility. In the book of Ecclesiastes (4:9-12), it is written, “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow; but woe to him that is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up.” The character traits of the friends we choose are extremely important because they directly relate to our own ethical choices. The people with whom we spend time and form friendships may impact the way we live our lives. Therefore, we realize how important it is for our children to choose friends wisely, and for them to learn the skills that will help them make wise choices. Making friends can sometimes be difficult, and finding out someone isn’t a reliable, trusted friend is painful. We have all watched as

be a good friend. We can have the kind of friends that we would like our children to have, and we can be the kind of friend that we would like our children to be. If we want children to be loyal friends, then we need to show them what loyal, good friendship looks like.

We should talk to our children about our friends, explaining the reasons that we value them as part of our lives. In order to model friendship to our children we need to look carefully at our own friendships and see if they represent the types of relationships we hope our children have. Teaching the importance of friendships and how to sustain them takes work. As our children grow and mature, with good role models to observe, they will learn to choose friends wisely and develop the skills necessary to be loyal friends! For more information about Jewish values for children visit

our children are hurt by failed or challenged friendships. Much to our disappointment, we can’t choose our children’s friends for them. However we can do something even more important by wisely choosing our own friends, and by modeling how to

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Mishpaha Report

The role of the ECC’s Mishpaha is to fundraise and friend-raise , and we are constantly evaluating how we can do both effectively, while creating opportunities for families to gather, bond, and create lasting relationships. It’s our hope, really, that we’ll be sitting at the same tables for these kids’ Bar and Bat Mitzvah receptions in 10-ish years from now. Apparently, time flies; at least that’s what veteran parents always tell us. But for now, we enjoy the preschool days. In the meantime, we are working on events that celebrate our amazing kids and the equally amazing school they are lucky enough to call home during the week.  It’s time to read, play, and schmooze on Sunday, March 6 th , at Hideout, the ultimate indoor playground, as we co-host a fun morning with PJ Library, a non-profit organization that sends Jewish-themed children’s books to families all over the world. All Jewish children are entitled to these darling free books,

gifted by PJ Library. (If you haven’t already, make sure your child is receiving books by subscribing online at: https://www. The event at Hideout is from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and entry is at a discounted rate of $8.00. All in the community are welcome, so please invite your friends so they can get to know TAE ECC families! Hideout is located at: 1125 Lindero Canyon Rd A7, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 We are happy to chat with current parents and potential new families -- please always be in touch with us: or follow our fun times on Facebook!

Peace, Love, TAE,

Alison Friedman & Becca Nudel

Mishpaha Co-Presidents

Temple Adat Elohim

MARCH 2016



Thank You to the Temple Adat Elohim Community!

School. On Friday morning, our ECC presented classroom gifts, accompanied by their endearing, welcoming voices singing songs. During a special Sunday Religious School and community-wide Tefillah, our students had a chance to bless Rabbi Straus and express their heart-felt appreciation for the many talents he brings as a teacher, friend, and mentor. Thank you to Director of Education Marcy Goldberg, ECC Director Donna Becker, and Cantor Shukiar for helping our TAE youth contribute to Rabbi Straus’ installation. Finally, I owe a debt of gratitude to an extremely hard-working and efficient Installation Weekend Committee: Judie Berro, Diane Grossman, Larry Levine, Becca Nudel, Lauren Pelissier, Anne Rubin, Juli Rycus, Paul Rycus, Maggi Salfi, Bob Salfi, Sandi Stern, Serena Tobias, Diane Eisenstein and Rick Eisenstein. And, a special shout out to Plant Manager Angel Ramirez and maintenance crew Javier Lopez, Eddie Haro, and Justino Sosa-Baez. Please keep posted to the Bazman, as well as the TAEmail for pictures from the InstallationWeekend’s events, as well as further opportunities to participate in even more transition events this spring!

Rabbi Straus’ Installation Weekend was an historical success for the Temple Adat Elohim community! Friday evening, which began with a sold-out dinner, was completed by an engaging Shabbat evening service, attended by over 450 congregants and highlighted by special guests and soulful music! We were honored to have a few of our guests play significant roles in the installation and services. Rabbi Angela Buchdahl from Central Synagogue, New York, is also a renowned cantor, and she contributed her voice to our music. She spoke eloquently about Rabbi Straus, and joined him in Saturday morning’s enriching Shabbat service. Rabbi Alan Greenbaum added historical context to the installation service, and led the clergy in the Birkat haCohanim, the Priestly Blessing, for Rabbi Straus and his leadership at TAE. And, Rabbi Lawrence Goldmark offered his congratulations on behalf of the Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis (PARR). It was a privilege to have our full cadre of TAE musical groups assembled for Friday night’s services; our TAE Symphony, Band of Milk & Honey, TAE Chorale, Junior Cantors and Sherei Elohim combined their voices and instruments to create a joyous sound unique to TAE! We thank Cantor Shukiar and Stephanie Steja for inspirational music and musicians. Our youth also had a chance to formally install Rabbi Straus during meaningful programs for the ECC and the Religious

l’Shalom, Jan Iscovich RTT Chair

TAE GOLF GROUP The latest TAE Golf Group outing was successfully

held on Monday, February 15, 2016, as a gentle wind swept Westlake Golf Course. We began with temperatures in the mid-60s, and finished in the mid-80s. Anticipated strong winds were not evident and we enjoyed a great round. We had one group of five. The low score was by Les Lovatt who shot a really steady 76 [with low on the front, a 39, and on the back with 37, including 10 pars]. Jay Lieberman had an 81 [with 4 pars]; Bob Grossmann had a 90 [with 4 pars]; Larry Levine had a 94; Herb Jacobowitz had a 96 (with 2 pars). A s always, all who participated had an enjoyable time. We learned a new mathematical method for scoring on the final green. We also lost several balls in the deep, dark woods that parallel the fairways; it’s doubtless the bunnies mistook the golf balls for Easter eggs and hid them from our view. We’ll never see those darn balls again! Our next outing will be in three weeks, on Monday, March 7th, at our usual tee time of 8:15 a.m. Remember that if we check in prior to 8:00 a.m., we get the special discounted rate. If you are able to join us in March, please let me know by return e-mail.

Bob Grossmann TAE Golf Maven

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MARCH 2016

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MARCH 2016

Wood Ranch Proudly Supports Temple Adat Elohim












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MARCH 2016




March 1-7 Steve Alkana Donald Miller Ashley Shaff

Phillip Lavine Amparo Rios-Davis Joshua Vogel Ariana Dermand Mary Forman Mark Kamerman Elaine Weinberg Jessica Wilt Steve Cohen Steven Iceland Alan Plotkin Cara Polisini Matthew Schmidt Robin Feldman Robert Grossmann Daniel Nudel Debbie Schulner Daniella Vazquez March 16-23 Sara Sturman Roger Couture Miles Levin Bobbi Pershing Harry Pomeranz

Emily Fischer Adam Gadsby Arlene Plotkin Phyllis Shukiar March 24-31 Rebekah Scroggins Daniel Zeman Gigi Dictor Nancy Federman Celeste Forster Ellen Press Stanley Steinberg Seth Stevens Marci Bookbinder Iris Bragar Lainie Donnell Lior Elazary Kenneth Sherman Jillian Forusz Sarah Shain Michael Adler Arlene Bloom Diana Kealer Taryn Rogoff Eliana Schulner Steven Bloom Sharon Bolkin JB Brenner Bryce Couture Barbara Greenblatt Bob Mills Michael Seidenberg Brandon Goldberg Edward Gordon Marilyn Lippel Drew Abrams Rachel Gordon Judith Lieberman Aaron Van Etten

Gussie Abramowitz Richard Albert Rose Allen Julie Applegate Mort Asher Ruth Beck Phillip Begun Albert Berger Harry Berman Bernard Bloom David Bordelon Susan Braun Rose Crair Abraham Curshen Jeanne DiConti Sam Dictor Marilyn Eigenfeld Helaine Esterson Sallye Esterson Marion Feldman Jenise Ferber Sam Ferber Teresa Ferraro Pauline Finestone Jay Fishman Alvin Friedman George Fujinami Kiyoshi Fujinami Morris Futterman

Belle Goldman Sheldon Goldman Sheldon Goldman Lillian Goldstein Edwin Goodman Dorothy Gould Aaron Green Dylan Green Wilbert Greenbaum Richard Heller Hazel Helsabeck Gertrude Hertzmark Marcus Hertzmark Ernest Kelen Marjorie Keller Morris Keller George Klaber Marilyn Koltenuk Charles Kraft Marvin Kraft Nathan Kritzer Joseph Lehrer Florence Lester Marcia Levine Klara Levis Devorah Levy Robert Levyn Irving Lucove Frieda Margolis Douglas Marks Leonard Maskin Pauline Menin Marcia Moses Chang Narmchote Lew Nebens

Agatha Orloff Zelic Paikin

Marcia Petersen Edward Pike, Sr. Naftali Pomeranz Eleanor Pressman Sam Pressman Gerald Princenthal

Deborah Bass Maurie Cone Nicole Davis Jordan Landsberg Steven Shapiro Susan Wachtel Richard Dictor Rachel Hammelman Karen Stevens Richard Winters Mandy Bolkin Adam Brockman Shari Feldman Jeri Sterneck Adria Taha-Resnick Richard Zeman Neil Palache David Shukiar Suzanne Lynn Kerri Yim March 8-15 Edna Landsman Jason Abrams Ken Gutell Kayla Priske Christy Rosen Robbin Broad Adam Chirchick Matthew Fradkin Rebecca Gordon Blake Hoffman David Shain Austin Smith Sydni Adler Courtney Comroe Lisa Kaitcer Stephen Davis March 1-7 Joey Elbaum Alexander Koltenuk Katelyn Ross Susan Varon Bailey Guerrero Andrea Levenson Devin Lipman Lily Kamen Emilie Klopert Amanda Mertzel Seth Weinberg Andrew Bagwell Shiloh Chirchick Ava Zasloff Sophia Brosler Kaia Duben Liv Shmargal March 8-15 Ava Gams Andrew Rosen Kyle Parsons Isabelle Robins-Faden

Joseph Pulin Irving Rabin Ida Rames Mildred Rose

Samuel Sadinsky Julius Saperstein Sylvia Sapiro Rose Schwartz Selma Solomon Sayd Solow Bess Sparber Morrie Strauss Fortuna Strote Bernice Stroud Nancy Surmani Judy Swimmer Marillyn Tallman

Lisa Statner Peggy Frank Marc Stein

Sol Teitelbaum Max Tomayko Jeanne Trabold Lewis Watnick Pearl Weissman Eleanor Wender Matthew Werber Seymour Whitebook

Erik Steinman Stanley Block Dayna Hinderstein Elisa Bagwell Benjamin Fischer Ira Gabriel

Phyllis Gentle Bernice Ginnis Rose Ginsburg Sarah Glasser

Jackie Winston Susanne Coine Nicole Handler Jack Kaplan Robert Mettel Mark Miller Diane Rishe Tammy Elbaum

Ellie Glicksteen Robert Goldberg Ira Goldenberg Phyllis Goldenberg

Marvin Yellin Jeanette Ziman

Gizella Okrent Virginia Oliver



Dana and Howard Abugow Susan and Paul Artof Mati and David Barish Karen and Michael Barton Dena and Eddie Bauch Michele and Michael Cohen Diane and Rick Eisenstein Nancy and Bob Glickman Marcy and Neil Goldberg Racheland Doug Goldwater Rachel and Lonney Gordon Eydie and Gregory Gubner Annalise and Cory Hills Wendy and Paul Humphrey

Churee and Martin Josephson Michelle and David Kleynberg Naomi and Gary Krakower Allison and Dan Lipman Zoya and Bob Mills Carrie and Bruce Nebens Teri and Richard Rosen Shaina and David Rosenfeld Cindy and Eric Scott Jeri and Roger Sterneck Jo Ann and Philip Tallman Traci and Roy Schwartz

Rebecca DeRoy Anthony Saulino

Noah Zweig Zara Aiken Brett Goldman Alexis Stankowski March 24-31 Hayley Gadsby Ella Hammelman Jake Albert Joshua Albert Skylar Guerrero Daniel Lesser Randy Rubin Michael Straus Skylar Handler Justin Klausner Grace Goldenberg Camille Weltman Dylan Koteles Jordana Rojany Evan Mackey Stephanie Slotnick Maya Swartz Henry Cohen

Amy Steinman Julia Steinman Michelle Rothman Emmy Meyerson Ila Rosenblum Danielle Whittington Aidan Bagwell Malina Star Joshua Begun Josh Kelman March 16-23 Justin Kulle Alden Bernstein Georgia Tribe Lilyana Charnick Lauren Rosenthal Lily Kleiger Samuel Knox Rachel Mettel Emma Shmargal Rebecca Strausman Lily Wachtel Emily Winters

Eliana Rojany Laura DeRoy

We Welcome Our New Members Cory & Michael Berens

Our Condolences to the Families of Lillian Morgen, Mother of Brian Morgen Dorothy Meyerhoff, Mother of Carol Weiss

Temple Adat Elohim


MARCH 2016

We are grateful to the following for their contributions:



DONOR NAME Barbara Blanchard Tami Finkbeiner




Robert Blanchard, husband of Barbara Blanchard Benjamin Zimmerman, Grandfather of Tami Finkbeiner

Ellen and Gregg Southard

Colin Stern’s Bar Mitzvah

David Moses

Marcia Moses, Mother of David Moses Larry Frumkin, Son of Rhoda Rand Dorothy Meyerson, Mother of Carol Weiss Sylvia Parnes, Mother of Jane Parnes

PAST PRESIDENTS’ EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT FUND RELIGIOUS SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND DONOR NAME IN MEMORY OF Edna and David Landsman Ethan Sadinsky, Brother of Edna Landsman Edna and David Landsman Samuel Sadinsky, Father of Edna Landsman Judy and Larry Levine Blanche Stern, Mother of Judy Levine Richard Munitz Birdie Kolen, Mother of Richard Munitz Richard Munitz Ben Munitz, Father of Richard Munitz Irene and Mark Stern Viktoria Larson-Green, Daughter of Eva Larson and Michael Green Joel Zide Betty Pollock, Grandmother of Joel Zide

Rhoda and David Rand Maggi and Bob Salfi Maggi and Bob Salfi



Barbara and Gary Budish Valerie and Richard Shapiro

Beverly Shapiro’s Birthday Beverly Shapiro’s Birthday




Bea Ferber

Jeanette Ziman, Mother of Bea Ferber

Elaine and Stuart Goodman

Phil Altman

DONOR NAME Susan Drapkin


Elaine Goodman

Tracey Burnstein

Marcy Goldberg’s contribution to Women’s Torah Study

Judy and Robert Grossmann

Rabbi Neil Hoffman

Patti and Bob Murray Patti and Bob Murray

Sarah Davis, Grandmother of Patti Murray Leonard Friedman, Step-father of Patti Murray Gertrude Hertzmark, Mother of Rhoda Reiner Marcus Hertzmark, Father of Rhoda Reiner


DONOR NAME Richard Munitz


Rhoda and Richard Reiner Rhoda and Richard Reiner

Harold Diamond, Uncle of Richard MunitSharon Lewis Watnick, Husband of Sharon Watnick


Maggi and Bob Salfi Maggi and Bob Salfi

Fran Entin, Wife of Bernie Entin

Agi Haas, Wife of Erwin Haas, Mother of Cathy Warner, Mother-in-law of Dave Warner, and Grandmother of Stephanie, Sarah and Jake Warner




Barbara and Jeff Match Barbara and Jeff Match Barbara and Jeff Match

Marshall Friman, Father of Barbara Match Joan Kaplan-Crouch, Mother of Barbara Match

Michelle Stern

Aaron Green, Father of Michelle Stern George Fujimani, Father of Patti Zeman Agi Haas, Beloved wife of Erwin Haas

Patti and Richard Zeman Patti and Richard Zeman Patti and Richard Zeman

Sam Match, Father of Jeff Match

Viktoria Larson-Green, daughter of Eva Larson and Michael Green Dorothy Meyerhoff, Mother of Carol Weiss

DONOR NAME Maggi and Bob Salfi


Barbara Blanchard’s Birthday

Patti and Richard Zeman




Judy and Bob Grossmann Judy and Bob Grossmann

Hal Feldman’s 90 th Birthday



Traci Rosen’ marriage, Daughter of Teri and Richard Rosen

Joan Bernick

Robert Bernick, Husband of Joan Bernick Leo Diamond, Uncle of Richard Munitz Len Shulman, Borther-in-law of Richard Munitz Eleanor Pressman, Mother of Marcia Rothman Sam Pressman, Father of Marcia Rothman Henry Spritzer, Brother of Maggi Salfi, Brother-in-law of Bob Salfi

Richard Munitz Richard Munitz

Judy and Richard Munitz

Hal Feldman’s 90 th Birthday

Maggi and Bob Salfi Maggi and Bob Salfi

Bernie Entin, Good wishes for a speedy and full recovery

Marcia and Ronald Rothman Marcia and Ronald Rothman

Hal Feldman’s Birthday

Maggi and Bob Salfi


Karen and Andrew Surmani

Nancy Surmani, Mother of Andrew Surmani




Bernie Entin

Fran Entin, Beautiful Bride of Bernie Entin



Bea Ferber

Sam Ferber, Husband of Bea Ferber Jack Forusz, Father of Sam Forusz Sydney Klener, Father of Lois Green Irving Parnes, Father of Jane Parnes

Judy and Sam Forusz Lois and David Green Jane Parnes and Family

Amy and Gary Cohen Family

Agi Haas, Mother of Cathy Warner, Mother-in-law of Dave Warner, Grandmother of Stephanie, Sarah and Jacob

Beverly and Harry Pomeranz

Naftali Pomeranz, Father of Harry Pomeranz Herbert Reis, Husband of Thekla Reis

Thekla Reis

Maggi and Bob Salfi

Hortense Spritzer, Mother of Maggie Salfi, Mother-in-law of Bob Salfi



Ruth Drobman Tami Finkbeiner Joan Reichard Sharalynn Schulner

Mishebeirach-Blessing for healing for Susan Riessen

Rabbi Straus’ Installation

Rabbi Straus

Jovie Schulner’s baby naming, Hebrew name, Shayna Netanya, granddaughter of Sharalynn Schulner




Ruth and Hal Bloom

Esther Garfield, Mother of Jesse Garfield Bernie Entin Fran Entin, Beautiful Bride of Bernie Entin Helaine Esterson, Wife of Scott Esterson Sallye Esterson, Mother of Scott Esterson Jenise Ferber, Daughter-in-law of Bea Ferber Rose Ginsburg, Mother of Gene Klevs, Bubbi of Barbara Botwin, Lisa Zweig and Charles Klevs. Great Bubbi of Matthew and Leah Zweig

Save The Date! April 23, 2016 6:30pm TAE Community Seder

Scott Esterson Scott Esterson

Bea Ferber

Gene and Barry Klevs

Jane Parnes and Family

Irving Parnes, Father of Jane Parnes Sidney Seavey, Father of Bernice Reed Herbert Reis, Husband of Thekla Reis Irving Loew, Father of Gerri Wissot

Berniece Reed

Thekla Reis

Gerri and Jeffrey Wissot

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