Lime Tree - August 2016

From the Manager s Desk

Dear Residents

John and I had the most amazing time caravanning our beautiful section of Australia. If residents get the opportunity and have not already done so, please make the effort to visit as much of Australia as possible. It is sooooo beautiful. We attempted to walk as much of Canarvon Gorge as our over-sized bodies would allow, ( a whole 11 kilometres) and we all needed resuscitating when we arrived back, but it was worth it. We then went to Fairbairn Dam which is near Emerald with lots of ‘red claw’ being caught in the dam. On to Middlemount to the children and meandered our way back along the coastal route to home. All rested and rearing to go.

Congratulations to the new Resident’s Committee which I hope all residents will support and continue to bring harmony to the Village.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lina Walker on the passing of John. He will be sadly missed. On behalf of Lina and her family, they would like to thank those residents who have been so thoughtful and kind and would like them to accept this message as personal.

Vicky & John

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August 2016 | Volume 9 | Issue 8

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