Julia Boccella



There are many adult books about allergies; however, when I wrote this book, I found nothing for kids. I am a mom who has learned a great deal about allergies through the experiences of my two daughters. I can remember being told that my daughter has acid reflux. My hope is to reach out to kids and broaden their understanding if allergies, through the stories of my very entertaining and different daughters. My girls are opposites to the core, not limited to their many and different allergy types. The older brunette is girly and loves animals, while the younger blond is rough and tumbly and loves children. I have named the characters Cough and Itch, but I have several alternative names: the Lovely Girls, Ragweed, and Peanut; Sweetpea and Sunshine (my nicknames for them); and Jennabear and Danilove (friend nicknames for them).

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