Blue City Menu

BLUE CITY - July 20 MENU “Live fully, eat tastefully” Entrees: $9 each

BUTTER CHICKEN “MURGH MAKHANI” Boneless, succulent Chicken in mildly spiced, creamy almond and tomato sauce, served with aromatic Basmati Rice “SHAHI PANEER ” TACOS Marinated Paneer (Indian soft cheese) and bell peppers on handmade Indian fried bread, garnished with fresh cilantro and onions CASHEW VEGGIE “BIRYANI” Rajasthani-style spiced rice pulao with cashews and seasonal vegetables, served with Raita (Indian yogurt sauce) Sides: $2 each “CHHOLA” Chickpeas seasoned and cooked with Indian spices “NAAN” Warm, buttered Tandoori Garlic Bread SAVORY SPECIAL - $7 LOADED TATER ”ALOO TIKKI CHAAT” Savory potato croquettes filled with cashews and lentils, topped with chickpeas, yogurt, crisps, mint & tamarind sauces, diced onions, cilantro Dessert: PINK CITY “GULAB JAMUNs ” - $3 Popular Indian dessert: soft fried dough and pistachios dipped in syrup…YUM! Beverages: Hand-spun “MANGO LASSI” Smoothie (12 oz) - $4 Bottled Water, Sodas - $1

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