Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Catalog


Lock stitch

Lower feed (bottom feed)

Sewing area

Chain stitch

Differential feed

Needle stroke

Size/capacity (mm)

Double chain stitch

Needle feed

Stitch length

Zigzag stitch

Top and bottom feed

Stitch length

Stitch length (mm)

Feed type

Adjustable top and bottom feed

Button sewing

Upper feed amount

Button holing

Unison feed

Upper feed amount

Button holing

Wheel feed


Sewing type

Upper feed amount

Bar tacking

Upper feed amount

Standard vertical hook (horizontal axis)

Decorative stitch

Differential ratio

Double vertical hook (horizontal axis)

Blind stitch

Differential ratio

Triple vertical hook (horizontal axis)


Overedge stitch

Differential ratio

Standard horizontal hook (vertical axis)

Bottom feed variable

Safety stitch

Double horizontal hook (vertical axis)

Hook type and size

Side cutter

Triple horizontal hook (vertical axis)

Flat type

Center knife

Cylinder type

Thread trimmer

Light-weight materials

Box type

Bed type No. of needles No. of thread

Automatic presser foot lifter

Medium-weight materials

Post type

Thread wiper

Heavy-weight materials

Stacker Additional functions/devices Sewing speed (rpm)

Sewing material


Extra heavy-weight materials

Maximum sewing speed (with speed control function)


Needle gauge


Maximum sewing speed

Stitch width

No. of threads

Height of presser foot

Air consumption

Size/value (mm)



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