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H H oudini The Legendary I-65 Goat

Houdini, the legendary I-65 goat, is now a permanent resident at Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary in Guston. After years of climbing on guardrails and coming dangerously close to speeding traffic and dodging would-be captors alongside I-65 in Hardin County, he is safe and sound. Over the years, the elusive Houdini became somewhat of a celebrity, showing up on television and in the news, with his own Facebook page and over 40,000 followers. Sadly, Houdini was involved in a traffic mishap on October 21, 2018. He was captured and put in the care of Hardin County Animal Care & Control with a broken leg. A six-member committee was appointed to examine options for his future care and lifelong home. The committee unanimously recommended Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary in Guston, after much discussion, meetings, and a site visit. Broadbent founder, Mary Ann Tobin, knew when she first heard Houdini’s story that Broadbent would be the perfect place for him to live out his life. Broadbent staff transported Houdini to the sanctuary on January 4th. He was examined by veterinarians, and it was determined that Houdini’s injury was a severe break near the joint. It healed adequately for him to be able to walk; however, it was possible he would have a permanent limp. Today Houdini is loving life in a pen that spans several acres with his own little barn. He is enjoying his freedom and is in good spirits. His leg has healed to the point that he can run and jump, and even climb up on bales of hay. Everyone at Broadbent would like to thank Houdini’s followers and friends for caring about him for all these years. For updates on his life at the sanctuary, visit . He is quite a character and loves to show off.

He can be seen playing and running around the pole with his own I-65 sign. People have asked about some of the photos where he appears to be missing his upper front teeth. Here’s an interesting fact about goats – goats don’t have upper front teeth. Instead they have a dental pad, which is kind of a big tough gum that helps them rip and tear their food. However, in the back of their mouth, they do have both upper and lower molars, which are very strong and used to grind up their food. On their lower jaw, goats have eight incisor teeth used for biting off leaves and branches. They have 24 molars on the lower jaw. It’s amazing how nature has equipped them so they can eat the foods they need to survive. Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Broadbent’s mission is to rescue sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout the state. The staff works 365 days a year to provide care to wildlife in need, with the goal of rehabilitation and release back into their native environment. Full-time, on-site staff, including a veterinarian and licensed wildlife rehabilitators, provides medical treatment as well as loving supportive care to thousands of animals each year. Educating children and adults to co-exist with wildlife and to respect all animals is a priority. If you would like to schedule a tour of the sanctuary and meet Houdini, please contact us at (270) 547-4200 . Broadbent relies on donations to continue its work and receives no state or federal funding. To make a tax-deductible donation to care for Houdini and the other animals, visit . Cover Photo Courtesy of Steve McMillen

Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary • (270)547-4200 • P.O. Box 387 • Irvington, KY 40146

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