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Gardening &Nature

Located next to at City Hall, plots are available for lease for $ 100 annually. Please email Come grow with us at the Rotary Community Garden!


HOME & GARDENING ■ Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve 2220 SE 21st Avenue ■ Rotary Community Garden 1015 Cultural Park Boulevard (next to City Hall) ■ Rotary Park Environmental Center 5505 Rose Garden Road • (239) 549-4606 Please contact the corresponding venue for more details. BUTTERFLY GARDEN DESIGN (18+ yrs) Learn about butterflies found in the area and what specific plants and flowers arebest toattract them. Bringpictures or drawings of your yard so the instructor can help you design a butterfly friendly landscape of your own. Tour the butterfly house and garden as part of this class, too. $15 per household DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY F 10:00am-12:00pm 9/24 145141-01 TREE & SHRUB PRUNING (18+ yrs) Learn useful pruning techniques froma certified arborist to enhance and promote proper growth of your trees and shrubs. Rotary Park • $5 per person DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY SAT 9:00-11:00am 10/2 145135-01 INTRO TO FLORIDA FRIENDLY LANDSCAPING (18+ yrs) VIRTUAL RAIN BARREL WORKSHOP Rain barrels are a great way to reduce storm water runoff and to save water for a dry spell. In this virtual workshop led by Lee County Master Gardeners, you will learn how to make and install a rain bar- rel to use at home. A Zoommeeting code will be sent to you. Pick up arrangements will be discussed during registration. Register thru Rotary Park • $45 per barrel (Advance registration is required) DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY SAT 10:00-11:00am 10/16 145162-01 TROPICAL PLANT SALE COMING TO ROTARY PARK SAT, OCT. 23! See details in the Event section on page 37.

any inquiries to rotaryparkinfo@ or call: 549-4606

Check out the early bird registration deals for the Rotary Community Garden at FREE NATURE TALKS Learn about a variety of interesting nature topics at ROTARY PARK. Admission is FREE, but please RSVP to 549-4606. CAPE CORAL ECOSYSTEMS (All Ages) Find out about natural ecosystems in Cape Coral, restoration projects, and how you can make a difference in your own yard. DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY T 1:00-2:00pm 9/14 145323-01 FLORIDA’S AMPHIBIANS (All Ages) A fascinating program for anyone who is interested in wildlife in Florida. Learn about what amphibians call southwest Florida home and learn the differences between frogs and toads. There will be live specimens to see. DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY T 1:00-2:00pm 9/28 145323-02 FLORIDA TURTLES (All Ages) Knowing the difference between turtles and tortoises can mean life or death for these cute little critters. Learn about aquatic turtles, land turtles, and tortoises. DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY T 1:00-2:00pm 10/19 145323-03 NILE MONITORS IN CAPE CORAL (All Ages) Learn about this invasive lizard species that has made Cape Coral its home and how we have created the perfect environment for them to exist here. DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY T 1:00-2:00pm 11/16 145323-04 BURROWING OWLS (All Ages) The Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife present “Living with Owls in Cape Coral,” an entertaining photographic presentation all about the official city bird, the burrowing owl. Learn why these interesting little creatures love Cape Coral and are perfectly happy living in harmony near people. DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY TH 1:00-2:00pm 12/2 145323-05

Gardening & Nature • This is a great class for longtime residents and new residents alike. Learn what plants to use where, how to create a beautiful and eco-friendly yard, howtobe efficientwithyour useofwater andmore! Rotary Park • FREE, but must RSVP DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) ACTIVITY T 1:00-3:00pm 10/5 145161-01 F 1:00-3:00pm 11/5 145161-02


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