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BUBBLE ARCHITECTURE Think bouncy castles and pool inflatables – only way more avante garde. Used in the creation of art installations such as Germany’s Big Air Package, as well as functional buildings like the domes in England’s Eden Project, bubble architecture stems from the same technology as hot-air balloons. And while inflatable design has been used in everything from military operations to inflatable greenhouses, it wasn’t until the arrival of mass-produced plastic in the 1960s that Bubbletecture took off. Simple inflated structures made of a single membrane are considered more of a temporary building solution, while double-walled systems have become more of a permanent option. A recent project that underlines the flexibility of Bubbletecture is New York’s The Shed, which features an extendable outer shell that doubles the footprint of the building. So, what’s next for inflatable design? Some say that it’s space. A NASA-backed competition had architectural firm Foster + Partners create a conceptual modular habitat – for Mars!

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