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Customer Loyalty SePtemBeR 2017

Goal = 82% Current Score = 80.59%

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Improved efficiencies in business come when people ask questions and explore metrics and data. as a new parts manager, I do a lot of both. after a few weeks on the job, I realized I was asking simple questions and getting many general nonspecific answers. For example, I would ask Ask Questions! by matt Close, parts manager

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Good b2b service experiences take price out of the equation

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“How are you and how can I help make your job easier?” the answers I most often received were “We’re great!” or “Just another day in paradise.” as the relationship with my folks deepened, the answers became more specific and actionable. I began hearing folks say, “you know, if I could get a report that…..” or “I spend a

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lot of time doing…...” once we began building reports, analyzing processes and striving for improvement things became more efficient. Do not be afraid to ask the hard questions, pull some data and challenge how things are done. It is a great way to improve efficiencies, which in turn improves the customer experience and makes our work environment more enjoyable. most of the systems we work with and the things we do every day are flexible. suggest a change to a process or procedure and talk it through. the way we have always done it may not be the best way anymore.


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