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Choice of several valve terminal types for different applications: – MPA-S – MPA-L Economical from the smallest configuration up to the maximum number of modules Up to 9 electrical input/output modules plus bus nodes and pneumatic interface/electronic modules for valves Extensive range of functions and connection options for the electrical modules Choice of connection technology for technically and economically optimised connections Can be used as a dedicated remote I/O module

High operating voltage tolerance (±25%) Choice of M18, 7/8” or AIDA push- pull connection for power supply Open to all fieldbus protocols and Ethernet Optional function and technology modules for preprocessing IT services and TCP/IP such as remote maintenance, remote diag­ nostics, web server, text message and e-mail alert Digital inputs and outputs, 4-/8-/16-way, optionally available with individual channel diagnostics Analogue inputs and outputs, 2-/4-way, optionally with HART protocol Pressure inputs Temperature inputs Controllers for pneumatic and electrical axes IP65 and IP67 or IP20

Wall or H-rail mounting, also on mobile systems Conversions/extensions are possible at any time, individual linking with CPX metal design Modular system offering a range of configuration options Fully assembled and tested unit Lower selection, ordering, assembly and commissioning costs thanks to the central CPX terminal Choice of pneumatic components for optimised control loop system design Decentralised, subordinate CPI installation system improves cycle times by up to 30% Safe and convenient earthing thanks to earthing plate

Fast troubleshooting thanks to an extensive selection of LEDs (some of which are multi-coloured) on the bus node and on all I/O modules Supports module and channel- oriented diagnostics On-the-spot diagnostics in plain Innovative diagnostic support with integrated web server/web monitor or maintenance tool with USB adapter for PC Optimised commissioning thanks to parameterisable functions Reliability of service with connec­ tion blocks and modules that are quick to replace without changing the wiring text via handheld device Fieldbus/Ethernet remote diagnostics

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Subject to change – 2018/04

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