Terminal CPX Accessories

Ordering data – Accessories Designation

Part No.

Type code

Function elements

568647 CPX-SK-2

Memory card for PROFINET bus node (CPX-FB33, CPX-M-FB34, CPX-M-FB35), 2MB

1072128 CACR-S-B12G5-220-PB

Terminating resistor, M12, B-coded for PROFIBUS

553596 CPX-W-PT1000

PT1000 temperature sensor for cold junction compensation

547432 NEFC-M12G5-0.3-U1G5

Adapter, 5-pin M12 to mini USB socket, and controller software

Inscription labels

18576 IBS-6x10

Inscription labels 6x10 mm, 64 pieces, in frames

536593 CPX-ST-1

Inscription label holder for connection block

Multi-pin plug distributors

177669 MPV-E/A08-M8

Sub-D plug, 15-pin

8x socket M8, 3-pin

177670 MPV-E/A12-M8

12x socket M8, 3-pin

574586 NEDU-L4R1-M8G3L-M12G8

Plug M12, 8 pin

4x socket, M8, 3-pin

574587 NEDU-L6R1-M8G3L-M12G8

6x socket, M8, 3-pin

Connecting cable for multi-pin plug distributor Sub-D socket, 15-pin, open cable end, 15-wire

177673 KMPV-SUB-D-15-5

5 m

177674 KMPV-SUB-D-15-10

10 m

542256 NEBU-M12W8-2-N-LE8 542257 NEBU-M12W8-5-N-LE8 570007 NEBU-M12W8-10-N-LE8 525616 SIM-M12-8GD-2-PU 525618 SIM-M12-8GD-5-PU 570008 SIM-M12-8GD-10-PU

Angled socket, M12, 8-pin, open cable end, 8-wire

Length 2 m Length 5 m Length 10 m Length 2 m Length 5 m Length 10 m

Straight socket, M12, 8-pin, open cable end, 8-wire


537927 P.SW-FST4-CD-DE

Programming software


537928 P.SW-FST4-CD-EN


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