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America in Bible Prophecy: The Future of Earth’s Last Superpower Revealed Discover the future of Earth’s last superpower and its role in last-day events. Perfect for sharing with friends, family, neighbors—or anyone you meet! Spanish version available on page 57. BK-AIP … $2.95 Bulk pricing available

The Bible Truth about Hell: Separating the Facts from the Fables More and more people are being driven away from Christianity by false teachings about hellfire. Now you can share the good news straight from the Bible! BK-BTH … $2.95 Bulk pricing available


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Kingdoms in Time: History’s Greatest Bible Prophecies! Builds solid faith in God’s Word by sharing astonishing evidence that Bible prophecy has been precisely fulfilled throughout the ages! BK-KIT … $2.95 Bulk pricing available The Day of the Lord: Amazing Facts About the Return of Jesus Christ! Discover the signs and manner of Christ’s return, the truth about the secret rapture, and what happens after His return. Spanish version available on page 57. BK-DOTL … $2.95 Bulk pricing available Amazing Health Facts! 8 Bible Secrets for a Longer & Stronger Life Eight powerful biblical health lessons—from exercise and nutrition to sunlight and rest. Spanish version available on page 57. BK-AHF … $2.95 Bulk pricing available

Hidden Truth: Amazing Bible Facts Revealed! Clearly presents seven of the most misunderstood biblical subjects—heaven, hell, salvation, Sabbath, and more. Spanish version available on page 57. BK-HT … $2.95 Bulk pricing available from ancient times to the present! Spanish version available on page 57. BK-RYL … $2.95 Bulk pricing available A Divine Design: The Jewish Temple in History, Prophecy, and Your Life A fascinating look at God’s plan to eradicate sin and save His people, as revealed through the heavenly and earthly sanctuary! Spanish version available on page 57. BK-DDJT … $2.95 Bulk pricing available The Rest of Your Life! Everything You Need to Know About the Sabbath Reveals the startling truth about the seventh-day Sabbath, including its history

Daniel & Revelation: Secrets of Prophecy Unravel the mysteries of prophecy past and future in this full-color, 84-page magazine that’s priced for sharing! Spanish version available on page 57. BK-DRM … $2.95 Bulk pricing available and eternal life while avoiding the confusing deceptions of Satan. BK-ALM … $2.95 Bulk pricing available The Afterlife Mystery: Decoding Death, Hell, and Eternal Life Vital biblical facts to help you decode death, hell, The Final Events of Bible Prophecy This powerful, inspiring resource presents solid biblical truths about the end times in a way that’s winsome, clear, and easy to understand! Spanish version available on page 57. BK-FE … $2.95 Bulk pricing available

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