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Lineage | DVDs

Season 2: Adventist History Go on an epic journey to see how God led His people after the Reformation. Travel to new frontiers as the light of the gospel increased and went to the whole world. 52 episodes. DV-LINE2 … $24.98 Season 1: Reformation Explore the historical narratives of the individuals and events that were a part of the groundbreaking Reformation movement. 48 episodes. DV-LINE1 … $24.98 Season 3: Creation to Kings Covers God’s leading of His people from Creation through the book of 2 Samuel. Through the mistakes and triumphs of biblical giants—Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, and others—you’ll gain confidence that God still moves in our lives today. 14 episodes. DV-LINE3 … $24.98

Journey Through the Holy Land | DVD [Digital Download Available]

Doug Batchelor. An inspiring presentation that leads you on a delightful, informative excursion to some of the most well-known historical sites in the Bible. From the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum, from the Jordan River to Masada—12 locations in all—you will enjoy stunning footage and spiritual insights. DV-JTHL … $8.95 $7.95

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus | DVD Timothy Mahoney. Scientific investigation with a retelling of the Exodus story to reveal an amazing pattern of evidence matching the biblical account. DV-POE … $19.98

Charmed by Darkness | DVD Lifestreams Media. The real-life story of Roger Morneau, a demon-worshiper who became a Christian warrior. Told by eyewitnesses who risked their lives to help him. DV-CBD … $18.98

Beware of Angels | DVD Lifestreams Media. The Halstead murder case is presented with sobering, true accounts about supernatural beings who can appear in many forms—such as angels, spirits of the dead, and aliens. DV-BOA … $16.98

About Miracles | DVD Lifestreams Media . Presents four true stories about modern-day miracles, told by the actual people involved and featuring gripping reenactments. DV-AM … $16.95

Journey Interrupted | DVD Coming Out Ministries. A heart-stirring documentary that focuses on five individuals who have wrestled with homosexuality and God’s Word. DV-JI … $14.98 $9.98

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