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The All-New Book of Amazing Facts Vols. 1, 2, and 3 Bundle Doug Batchelor. Each illustrated volume features dozens of fascinating facts for sermons, children’s stories, and family time. You’ll enjoy some of the

most unusual, eye-opening facts that Pastor Doug has used in his radio and television programs, sermons, and books to illustrate amazing Bible truths. A wonderful resource for your home or office! MS-BOAFS … $24.95 BK-BOAF | Vol. 1 … $9.95 [Digital Download Available] BK-BOAF2 | Vol. 2 … $9.95 [Digital Download Available] BK-BOAF3 | Vol. 3 … $9.95 [Digital Download Available]

Finding Peace in a World of Worry

Heading for the Hills? Doug Batchelor . Pastor Doug addresses the when, how, and why (and why not) to head for the hills, all from a

Heroes of Faith: Inspirational Stories of Salvation Doug Batchelor . Uplifting and encouraging life lessons from the great heroes of the Bible. BK-HOF … $7.95 Bulk pricing: 5+ $7.45 ea. | 10+ $7.25 ea. | 25+ $6.95 ea.

Doug Batchelor . Discover the Bible’s practical, life changing answers to the worries and anxieties that seem to be an escalating part of our existence—and learn how to exchange fear and apprehension for the peace of God! BK-HLIP … $7.95 Bulk pricing: 10+ $5.95 ea. | 94+ $3.75 ea. | 470+ $2.50 ea. | 940+ $1.55 ea.

biblical perspective. BK-HFH … $10.98

Shadows of Light: Seeing Jesus in All the Bible Doug Batchelor . See

The Truth About Mary Magdalene

At Jesus’ Feet | Paperback Doug Batchelor . Discover a fresh picture of a gentle, loving Savior who, without condemning or condoning our past, offers us a new future as we, like Mary, linger at Jesus’ feet. BK-AJFS … $10.98

Doug Batchelor . Reveals a fresh picture of a loving Savior who offers every soul a new future. BK-TAM … $10.98

shadows of Christ in Bible characters and discover refreshing new insights into being a disciple of Jesus. BK-SOL … $10.98

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