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The Surrender of Self BK-SOS. Salvation

Teach Us to Pray BK-TUTP. Christian Growth

Thieves in the Church BK-TIC. Tithe

Spirits from Other Worlds BK-SOW. Spiritualism

Spirits of the Dead BK-SD. Death/Hell

Spiritual Israel BK-SI. Prophecy

Three Unclean Spirits BK-TUS. Prophecy

Tiny Troublemaker BK-TT. Gossip

Tips for Resisting Temptation BK-TFRT. Christian Growth

The Trinity BK-TRIN. Trinity

Three Days and Three Nights BK-3DN. Doctrine

Three Steps to Heaven BK-TSH. Salvation

Twelve Steps to Revival BK-TSR. Christian Growth

The Two Witnesses BK-TW. Doctrine

The Ultimate Resource BK-UR. Bible

Understanding Tongues BK-UT. Spiritual Gifts

The Voice of God BK-VOG. God’s Will

Who Are the Sons of God? BK-WSG. Other Beings


As MRS. UNIVERSE, you’re more or less an ambassador of the pageant, ” says Lynelle DeRoo Marcos, title holder for 2021-22. However, there’s more than one kind of “ambassador”—and a larger stage. We are, after all, all players to the theater of the universe (See p.22). And, there is a crown to win—where the stakes are higher. The reign is eternal, not just one year. Lynelle shares the parallels of pageantry and Christianity in this small chapter of her interesting and colorful life.

Who Is Michael the Archangel? BK-WMA. Doctrine

Who Will Sing the Song? Understanding the 144,000 BK-WWSS. Prophecy

Why God Said Remember BK-GSR. Sabbath

Why the Old Covenant Failed BK-OCF. Doctrine

Mrs. Universe and the Kingdom of Grace BK-MU. Christian Growth

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