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Revelation’s Final Warning DVD Seven astonishing verses in the book of Revelation contain the final alarms of danger before a cascade of catastrophic events strikes our planet. In this first-ever Amazing Facts Summit series, Pastor Doug Batchelor and a host of other inspiring speakers present the clear, urgent truths of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. Approx. 12 hours on 4 DVDs. DV-RFW … $24.95




Panorama of Prophecy DVD & Study Guide Set Many hearts are troubled by current events, but the Bible has real answers that

The 7 Deadly Myths DVD Set In this eye opening series, Scott Ritsema tackles

America’s 11th Hour While America’s rise was prophesied in the book of Revelation, the demise of its principles—and the return of the persecutions of the Dark Ages—has also been prophesied. In this fascinating series, Scott Ritsema shares Bible facts

can give the people you care about lasting hope. Pastor Doug leads viewers to the pinnacles of Bible prophecy and an unobstructed view of our world’s crises, all of which will culminate with the Second Coming. Full evangelistic Bible series features 25 timely, power-packed presentations. Study Guide set included. DV-POPSET … $99.95 $79.95 Storacles Set Only | SG-POPS … $7.95 $6.95 DVD Set Only | DV-POP … $94.95 $74.95

challenging cultural and

spiritual issues to prepare you to face the final events of Earth’s history with rock-solid confidence! Ten messages on three DVDs. DV-7DM … $24.95 $19.95

that reveal what’s really happening in America in these last days—and how God’s church will shine the last rays of merciful light upon every soul. Four messages on DVD. DV-A11H … $24.95 $19.95




The Life of Christ Jesus: The Desire of Ages Ellen White . Where did Jesus come from? What was He like as a person? What was His message? Why did He suffer and die on a

The Amazing Power of Forgiveness Doug Batchelor . Pastor Doug reveals the essential nature of giving and receiving forgiveness and shares the Bible keys for

Inspiration DVD Set Doug Batchelor. Genuine heroes are in short supply! Inspirational Bible characters can teach us how to live victoriously by faith,

cross? And how does His life two thousand years ago matter to your life today? These and many more questions are answered in this beautifully told, hope-filled depiction of Jesus. BK-AFDA … $12.95 $3.95 Bulk pricing: 10+ $3.90 ea. | 40+ $2.65 ea. | 80+ $2.05 ea. | 120+ $1.65 ea. | 480+ $1.45 ea. | 960+ $1.30 ea.

dealing with guilt, overcoming bitterness, and truly forgiving—all so that you can experience a deeper peace with God. BK-APF … $7.95 Bulk pricing: 5+ $6.95 ea. | 10+ $5.95 ea. | 90+ $2.95 ea. | 192+ $2.75 ea. | 576+ $2.50 ea.

point us to Jesus Christ, and show us how to live holy lives in preparation for His soon return! Ten uplifting presentations on three DVDs. DV-INS … $24.95


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