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AristoFil Universal Compules Light curing composite restorative. Fluoride releasing. Excellent handling, easily condensable, will not stick to instruments. Superb wear resistance. Exceptional value. Indications: Anterior and posterior cavities, I, II, III, IV and V. Wedge shaped defects and root cavities. Direct laminate veneers. Core build ups. Repair of fractured laminate veneer and porcelain. 0.25g compules.

AristoFil Universal Syringe Light curing composite restorative. Fluoride releasing. Excellent handling, easily condensable and will not stick to instruments. Superb wear resistance. 4g Syringe.

2S08000 - A1 2S08001 - A2 2S08002 - A3 2S08003 - A3.5 2S08004 - A4

2S08005 - B2 2S08007 - C2 2S08008 - Incisal

2S08009 - A3 Opaque 2S08010 - Bleach White

ONLY £24.50

ONLY £13.45

2S08016 - B2 2S08018 - C2 2S08019 - Incisal

2S08011 - A1 2S08012 - A2 2S08013 - A3 2S08014 - A3.5 2S08015 - A4

2S08020 - A3 Opaque 2S08021 - Bleach White



AristoFlow An advanced light-curing flowable composite material. Offering controlled light diffusion for excellent aesthetics and visual appearance. Exceptional handling based on flow properties combined with superb strength and high elasticity for durable restorations. Sustains high fluoride release and re-charge characteristics provides protection against secondary caries. Radiopaque, unlike most other flowable composites. 2g syringe.

ONLY £13.45

2S08041 - A1 2S08042 - A2

2S08043 - A3 2S08044 - A3.5

2S08045 - A4 2S08046 - A3O


ProntoLute Luting cement which adheres chemically to tooth substances and non-precious alloys to optimise retention. Rapidly increasing pH during setting produces excellent biocompatability. Contains and releases fluoride ions. Superb translucency for optimum aesthetics under glass- ceramic and porcelain jacket crowns. 2S02835 - Standard Pack. Contains: 30g powder, water bottle and powder measure.

ProntoCem F Zinc polycarboxylate cement. Adhesive to enamel, dentine, and non-precious metals giving rise to minimal pulpal. Mixes with water for ease and convenience of use. Radiopaque. Non translucent. 2S02870 - Pack. Contains: 50g powder, water bottle and powder measure.

ProntoNol Zinc Oxide Eugenol. ProntoNol is reinforced with an acrylic resin to give excellent strength in order to withstand condensation forces, as a lining material and mastication forces as a temporary restorative.

2S00136 - Powder, 40g 2S00137 - Liquid, 15ml

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ONLY £20.95





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