Subprime Doc 2 - Workshop Set Up and Talking Points

Dealer Training Department DRM Subprime Workshop Setup and Talking Points INTERNAL USE ONLY


Dealership Name

Dealer Number


The dealer/GM will be attending training Yes □ No □ Dealer requests management one- on-one consulting Yes □ No □

The dealer/GM will kick-off the meeting each morning Yes □ No □ Dealer requests F&I one-on-one consulting Yes □ No □

Dealer requests sales consultant one-on-one consulting Yes □ No □ Dealer requests accounting one-on- one consulting for faster funding Yes □ No □ Will your credit center team be attending? Yes □ No □

Will your management team be attending? Yes □ No □

Will you be attending? Yes □ No □

If “No”, who will be providing support?

Management Attending:

Credit center attendees:


Does the facility have capacity for this event? Yes □ No □

Have you been to this facility? Yes □ No □

Is this facility A/V equipped? Yes □ No □


Is the DMS programmed for GMF leasing? Yes □ No □

Which DMS does the dealership use? Reynolds □ ADP □ Other □

Is the DMS programmed for GMF? Yes □ No □

If “other” list here: Have we printed a contract free of errors? Yes □ No □ SUBPRIME WORKSHOP TALKING POINTS  Our training is “lender generic”. This is not designed to promote GM Financial retail and lease programs exclusively  Classroom agenda is repeated day-1 and day-2 allowing the dealership to split their staff  In our “In-Dealership Consulting” we will take the classroom content and apply it with the sales consultants and managers to reinforce the main points, and put a fine point on the subprime focus within the dealership  This training is about taking the current sales process and teaching specific skills that allow the dealership sales and management personnel to effectively focus on the subprime customer at each step  We facilitate a deep conversation early on in the training as to the “why” regarding the subprime customer, and then we take that much further, discussing the “how” to make it a part of what we do in the dealership every day  We have created multiple tools and job aids to assist in the implementation of the subprime focus. We will assist in the implementation of these tools during our one-on-one consulting  Our primary focus is to equip the dealership for incremental increases in volume, profitability and CSI through the teaching of industry best practices EXPLAINING THE COST STRUCTURE  Having access to the many resources offered by the GMF Dealer Training Department team is intended to provide a competitive advantage for General Motors dealers  The GMF Dealer Training Department’s primary function is not to produce revenue internally, but to assist our dealers in creating incremental increases in sales  Workshop pricing is designed to cover the hard costs associated with some of the best training in the industry

 Pricing does include professionally bound participant guides, sales tools and leave-behind point of sale materials, as well as light meals for attendees

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