The Gazette 1978

We'll put yourmoney towork.

Right away.

Deposits are secure and profitable with Guinness + Mahon.

For over 140 years deposits with Guinness + Mahon have earned highly competitive rates of interest. Wide experience in industry and commerce, backed by the world- wide resources and assets of the Guinness Mahon Banking Group ensures that your money is not only put to work right away - it is absolutely secure. Solicitors Regulations Act.

Guinness -I- Mahon are a Scheduled Bank and aré therefore an authorised recipient of clients' funds. Trustee S t a t u s. Deposits with Guinness -I- Mahon qualify as authorised investments under the Trustee (Authorised Investments) Act. Spe c i al Call De po s it S c h eme . Very competitive rates apply to sums between £1,000 and £20,000 and the FIRST £70 INTEREST EARNED BY INDIVIDUALS IS FREE OF INCOME TAX. GUINNESS+MAHON LTD BANKERS Our success is measured by the money you make.

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