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I wouldn’t write anything unless it was directly personal to me, just because I wouldn’t be able to tell the story right. - Amy Winehouse

In shaping the narrative for new documentary Amy , director Asif Kapadia decided to use the lyrics penned by late neo-soul vocalist Amy Winehouse as something like title cards, to mark the various chapters of the artist’s stormy life. We’re having a look at the lyrics Kapadia chose to include, and where those fragments of personal poetry – written by the musician as she crafted the tracks for her two studio albums – fit into her small but astonishing discography. By Zoë Radas.

Stronger Than Me , track one on Frank (2003) The debut track fromWinehouse’s first album reached #71 on the UK singles chart – which would be the lowest position of any single of the musician’s career. According to a verbal comment from Winehouse’s friend in Kapadia’s film, Stronger Than Me sold 800 copies on its first day of release. She wrote it about and during her first ever relationship, but the track’s message soaks several other parts of the film.

In My Bed , track eight on Frank (2003) This was Winehouse’s third single. The accompanying video clip (which follows lyrics about a relationship in stasis and

consequent infidelity) was directed by Paul Gore, who has also created clips for Massive Attack, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and DJ Shadow.

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