Bazman December 2015

Temple Adat Elohim




There are many reasons why the music program at TAE is unique among synagogues around the world. One is that we are the only synagogue with an all-member community orchestra. If you are interested in joining this new and exciting part of our music program, and if you play a musical instrument at a High School level, please send me a note at We look forward to welcoming you to our expanding symphonic family! TEMPLE ADAT ELOHIM IS THE ONLY CONGREGATION WITH AN ALL-MEMBER COMMUNITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA!!! Share in a Shabbat service where we will welcome home some of our college students and hear about their experiences in school and how being a part of the Jewish community has impacted their college experience. Come and be inspired by our future leaders who are making their mark on the world today. TAE COLLEGE HOMECOMING SHABBAT: FRIDAY, JANUARY 8 TH AT 7:30 P.M. CELEBRATE SHABBAT SHIRA (THE SABBATH OF SONG) – FRIDAY, JANUARY 22 ND AT 7:30 P.M. Join Cantor Shukiar, the Adat Elohim Chorale, the Band of Milk and Honey, our Junior Cantors and Shirei Elohim (our Junior Choir) as we recall our Exodus from Egypt across the Sea of Reeds to freedom. As we remember the song that Moses, Miriam and the Hebrews sang at the shores of the sea, we will experience an evening filled with music and spirit as we take a journey through Mah Tovu and discover its meaning through various versions spanning the generations of Jewish music. You do not want to miss this opportunity to study and experience Mah Tovu … this wonderful and sometimes troubling piece of our liturgy!

TAE COLLEGE OUTREACH COMMITTEE SENDS CARE PACKAGES TO OUR COLLEGE STUDENTS Temple Adat Elohim sends care packages to our college students who are away from home in the hopes that they can still feel their connection to our community. If you are a member of our congregation and your child is a student who would like to receive such a package, please send their name and address - dates they will be home from school for winter break, spring break, and summer break - expected graduation date - and any food allergies, to Cantor David at Our next package will be in the fall. We are always looking for additional volunteers to help with our committee. You can also contact Cantor David

about our Facebook page, dedicated to sending periodic messages to our college students. Thank you for helping to maintain this important connection!

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