Member Connections, Fall 2023

Genera l Manager ' s Updat e

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, eventually you will see progress. As Michael Jordan says, “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” So trust the process and don’t give up…..the results will be worth it. There are so many exciting and positive things happening at Long Cove Club. It’s almost too much to write about, but one thing I will never want to stop bragging about is our selection process that we now have in place for hiring new Team Members. There is no single judge system here at Long Cove Club and we are already benefitting from our efforts. We are pleased to announce that after almost two months of searching for the best possible candidate to be our new Clubhouse Manager, our diligent process has paid off. We had 53 candidates apply, seven of those were chosen as finalists, then three for direct interviews, and lastly, two candidates to join us for all day in-person visits. Well over twenty of our Team Members played a role and provided feedback in our decision. Kaitlyn Allen was selected, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to present her to our Long Cove community and have her join our Leadership Team.

Mario Campuzano GM/COO

She comes to us with an incredible resume in the club management industry and with significant leadership experience at a variety of diverse clubs. Kaitlyn will be focused on priorities such as enhancing the membership experience, building a cohesive team, strengthening our culture, and bringing our team's core values of loyalty, collaboration, and creativity to life. The focus on our core values that are referenced above are the responsibility of every single Team Member to prioritize. Every decision that is made, and every action that is taken should be routed in our core values, and driven by trust in each other, trust in the process of how we achieve our goals, and a deep

“ I c an a c c ep t f a i l ur e , bu t I c an ’ t a c c ep t no t t ry i ng . ” -Mi cha e l Jordan

Kaitlyn Allen, CCM

pride in belonging to Long Cove Club. This is not only demonstrated through our selection process, but also our commitment to time, effort, and energy of advancing team members into the right positions that fit perfectly within our Team culture. Look at the internal changes and promotions that are taking place, such as Mallory moving to the clubhouse in an expanded role of Member Services and Communications Coordinator, Jamaul and Mike as shift leaders in our service operation, Meggan into a supervisor position in our heart of the house, and Helen, who will become our new housekeeping supervisor as we move that entire operation away from contracted outside services and back into our clubhouse operation next month. The hope is that you continue to see and experience positive changes, some that are subtle and some more obvious, but all intentional. We had an excellent month of July and the results of our golf course shutdown were better than planned. Ashley and his Team did an amazing job of intense course work that are absolutely critical to the long-term health and playability of our surfaces. There was also extensive work completed throughout all areas of our community and in particular around the clubhouse. Hats off to the entire Team for taking care of many areas including bag stands, golf shop windows, grout work, painting, Long Cove Room flooring, power washing, carpets & chairs, deep cleaning & organizing, outside areas and storage units, and so much more, as in assembling new popcorn machines for member enjoyment! We are primed and ready for the remainder of the summer and looking forward to what will be an amazing fall. We look forward to serving you!


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