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Operations Response Guide Fire Alarm System Note: This guide is intended to be used by operations during a system emergency and is not designed for exposure prevention or management. Please refer to your EHS contact for guidance on exposure prevention

Fire Alarm

Equipment Name:

Equipment Location:

Building 1, Room 107 & Building 2, Room 104.1 Vertex Contact Name(s)/numbers: Note- Call the GSOC for initiating incident response X36060.


Equipment Owner:

System Contact: Names/Number

Bryan Spencer: ( 617-997-9726 ) Ops On-Call: ( 617-212-4855 ) John Layton: ( 617-429-1080 )

Vendor Contact Name(s): Signet: ( 781-871-5888 ) - Fire Alarm Specialists

Equipment Description:

o Building-wide fire alarm command center that is located on Floor 1 of both Buildings 1 and 2 o Panel is to be used by Signet, licensed electricians and fire alarm technicians only!





John Layton*

Licensed electricians who are authorized to operate the fire alarm control panel. Receives alarm, perform rounds, follow post orders with regards to incident response. Provide guidance on personnel safety and spill response

Applicable Personnel: (*) Denotes Site Lead



Environmental Health & Safety

Jacqui Van Sipe*


1. Response 2. Reference Manual 3. Appendix ( Licensed Electricians ONLY )

Revision 2 

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